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Identity Management and Credentialing System

Ground outdated manual processes and take your Identity Management and Credentialing System to new heights – without all the excess baggage. By taking a cyber-physical approach, Alert Enterprise, the leading cyber-physical security convergence software company, transforms your Identity Management and Credentialing System into a wide-open runway for enhanced security and a more positive experience for airport employees, crew members and customers.

Just picture this: One birds-eye view of complex threats, events and incidents across IT, OT and physical security that helps you and your team prevent unauthorized access, authenticate alerts and eliminate false positives. You’ll save time for your staff with a portal to manage all requests, lost or stolen badge detection, triaged decision support based on risk and criticality, and automated real-time compliance. And with streamlined application processes and reduced wait times, you’ll never leave your customers waiting.

With Alert Enterprise, your Identity and Access Management System is TSA, FAA and CATSA-ready. Empower your security team to easily manage the entire badge lifecycle process while validating training and certifications before issuing badges and critical access. And with role-based workflow and active policy enforcement, you can monitor and control who goes where in your facility. Our FBI Rap Back integration also enables you to deliver real-time and continuous criminal history record checks (CHRC) to help reduce vulnerabilities and risks during the vetting process.

And here’s the best part: Alert Enterprise’s Identity and Access Management System integrates with your existing systems, so implementation is both efficient and quick. With over 200 out-of-the-box connectors and a range of technology partnerships, you can skip the complexity of systems design and plug customers into true cyber-physical security convergence. P.S.: There’s no coding required.

Ready to leave your outdated, time-consuming processes at the gate with a first-class seat to cyber-physical security convergence? You’re invited to board.


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