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Always attentive to your needs, ALPHA-CIM offers innovative and turnkey solutions in the airport industry including:

  • Airfield Lighting Photometric measurement and Maintenance
  • Airfield Lighting Monitoring system
  • Baggage Handling system
  • Passenger Boarding Bridge system
  • Passenger Flow management
  • Airport Operation Center (APOC)
  • Fire Safety system
  • Access Control System
  • Building Management System

With 30 years of expertise, ALPHA-CIM is now a market leader in automation & an approved system integrator for Schneider-Electric, Siemens, Wago and much more.

ALPHA-CIM employs over 50 highly skilled staff in the design, development, installation, maintenance and upgrade of control systems.

We have successfully completed a number of major projects for the airports industry sector. Among our prestigious ADP Group, Casablanca Int. Airport, Military airbases, Oslo Int. Airport, …

Our solutions not only provide competitive advantage for our clients, they are delivered on time, within budget and with minimal disruption to ongoing operations.

As a result, many of our clients return to us time after time to take care of their automation control requirements.

FB Technology, leader in Airfield Lighting Photometry, joined the group in 2008.

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Company Profile

  • Baggage Handling System

    At ALPHA-CIM, we are aware of the numerous challenges face by airports’ operators regarding baggage handling.

    If your needs are:

    • Handling a high number of luggage
    • Have all baggage reach its required destination on time
    • Reduce the number of mishandled or lost bags
    • Comply with stringent regulation upon security,

    You will highly benefit from:

    • A fast and easy access to real-time data from every section of the BHS
    • A SCADA system optimising decision making
    • A comprehensive alarm system
    • A root-cause analysis and management
    • An intuitive Human Machine Interface (HMI)

    ALPHA-CIM designs and installs automated Baggage Handling Systems matching your airport’s needs whatever the configuration.

    1. Baggage Tracking: We manage the movement and tracking of individual pieces of luggage using radio frequency identification technology (RFID)
    2. SCADA: We monitor the system performance and display data on user-friendly HMI
    3. Security Screening: We ensure the routing of baggage
    4. Baggage Sorting (SAC): We supervise the destination of baggage using a sort allocation SCADA system

    Our state-of-the-art and turnkey baggage handling systems suiting the size of the airport operation are built around your specific needs.

    Our solutions cater for security and baggage sorting. The system includes SCADA and real-time alarm detection & localization.

    ALPHA-CIM experience in baggage handling combined with expert project management & tailored support makes us a preferred partner for airports’ operators.


    Mission: Designing and implementing a Baggage Handling System at ORLY 3


    • 2nd largest airport in France and 12th largest one in Europe
    • +156 cities served in 2017
    • 32 million passengers in 2017
    • Operated by Aéroport de Paris Group (Groupe ADP)

    The airport was building a new hall called ORLY 3 in order to expand and meet the traffic increase


    • Data archive system
    • Baggage safety control
    • Automated baggage flow management
    • Baggage traceability
    • Global view of the baggage sorting system (SCADA)
    • System enabling reports creation
    • Alarm notification in real-time

    Up to 2,000 baggage treated per hour

  • Airfield Lighting Control & Monitoring

    To ensure safety and fluidity of ground traffic is crucial for all airports.
    It is essential to ensure a smooth ground traffic of aircrafts and avoid misunderstanding between control & pilots. An efficient Airfield Lighting Control & Monitoring system helps to secure hot spots and reduce global risk in low visibility conditions.

    ALPHA-CIM’s Airfield Lighting Control & Monitoring System is open, adaptable and meet the operational constraints of international CAT III Airports as well as Regional Airports.

    Our complete solution will provide you with a trustworthiness system that will upgrade the communication speed and prevent from runway incursion. Visibility of runway hold points are then enhanced.

    All features are totally configurable to meet the needs of both the runways & taxiways controllers and the maintenance requirements.

    ISAC, ALPHA-CIM’s latest innovation, won the prestigious interDATA 2019 Award voted by the International Airport Community.

    ISAC is an Individual Light Control & Monitoring System that ensures ground traffic guidance and monitoring provided by Follow the Greens. It also controls and monitors the stop bars and manages A-SMGCS. ISAC is the most efficient solution on the market thanks to the fibre optic, preferred means of transmission that allows ultra-high communication speed and immunity to electromagnetic interferences or from AGL primary cable ageing or change of airfield cabling.

    ISAC main advantages:

    • More responsive and reliable than other systems on the market
    • Excellent response time
    • Ease of implementation
    • Suitability for incursion detection & A-SMGCS
    • Expandability at will by airports personnel
    • No proprietary system
  • Passenger Boarding Flow Management

    When passengers are boarding or disembarking it is important to make sure to avoid customs infraction.

    In fact, it is crucial for safety reasons to ensure separation between passengers who are boarding and those who are disembarking.

    Our solution offers to ease the monitoring of those flows and improve the operational efficiency thanks to decision aids. Our system automatically locks the right doors to create the right pathway. It also displays the global overview of doors status and of live passenger flows from/to different planes.

    The software is a user-friendly Human Machine Interface (HMI) on hostesses’ touch-screen to easily monitor the paths.

    Solution features:

    • Ensure flows separation with automatic locking and opening of doors
    • Prevent from any connection between boarding & disembarkation flows
    • Ensure separation between international flights and Schengen ones
    • Create a clear pathway for passengers
    • Faster & ease the boarding and disembarkation process

    Our graphic HMI displays synthetized information enabling an intuitive use, a customizable interface and a global analysis of the current situation.

    The Passenger Flow Management system not only facilitates passengers’ progression from the gate to their aircraft, it also ensures the separation of flows which is crucial for security reasons.

    Departure, Arrivals, National flights or International flights, all of those will be separated to ensure the security during boarding and disembarkation.


    Mission: Setting up a passenger flow management system at Roissy-Charles de Gaulle International Airport


    • Largest international airport in France and 2nd largest one in Europe
    • 2 million passengers and 481 000 aircraft movements in 2018, making it the 10th world’s busiest airport
    • Operated by Aéroport de Paris Group (ADP Group)

    Roissy-Charles de Gaulle International airport came to ALPHA-CIM to get a tool to ensure all security during boarding and disembarkation flows.


    • Real-time information of doors status all along passenger flows (opened/closed)
    • Easing the opening & closing operations for the staff
    • Time saving thanks to automated doors operations
    • Archiving door status
    • Enhancing reliability of doors operations
  • Passenger Boarding Bridge System

    Any failure or abnormal operation of passenger boarding bridge may result in delays or serious accidents.
    A smart system is critical so that staff can have real-time information on the equipment’s operating state, usage, maintenance history and much more…

    ALPHA-CIM helps the boarding bridge operations thanks to a dedicated and complete software.

    The solution includes real-time status of the equipment and allocation of boarding bridges to aircrafts. The SCADA enables integration of video for better feedback, real-time information of telescopic bridge, visual docking system, 400Hz, converters, air conditioning systems…

    Our system is independent from the boarding bridge manufacturer and allows the supervision of all your boarding bridges, no matter the manufacturer.

    The ergonomic interface not only provides a supervision of all the boarding bridges status, it also provides detailed data to easily manage operations and avoid collision between jetways from a same dock.

    This state-of-the-art system enhance boarding efficiency, convenience and security matching all airport’s configuration and considerably shorter boarding times with no congestion.

    ALPHA-CIM SCADA system & MI allows operators to have a clear visibility on flights assigned to each boarding bridge and to get a real-time equipment status with precise alarm localization.

    The automation of boarding bridge can perform auto-prepositioning, auto-parking and auto-levelling.


    Mission: Designing a Passenger Boarding Bridge system for Oslo International Airport


    • 9th busiest airport in Europe
    • 243 000 aircraft movements in 2018
    • 5 million passengers in 2018


    Oslo airport have built a new terminal to expand the airport. This new terminal is composed of 12 jetways in order to meet the traffic increase.
    The goal for Oslo airport was to invest in both the best solution for the airport boarding bridge handling and cost-effective maintenance.


    • 12 passenger boarding bridges supervised with a powerful & intuitive system
    • Plan the day and get an overview of what is coming
    • Reduced time of boarding and disembarkation process
    • Increased flight rotation rate
    • 24/7 support from ALPHA-CIM highly-skilled staff

    It is proven that ALPHA-CIM has a good knowledge and is a company that is flexible so that the customer can be assured to get the product they specify.” – Odd Arne Rosand, Construction Supervisor, AVINOR

  • Airport Operation Centre (APOC)

    ALPHA-CIM offers hyper vision solutions to meet the need of Airport Operation Centre (APOC) allowing integration of all Airport stakeholders.

    All the integrations rely on secure & robust architectures. Interoperability and open systems are at the centre of ALPHA-CIM APOC solution. The hypervisor ALPHA-CIM offers relevant information for:

    • Operation
    • Interoperability
    • Increasing efficiency of interventions
    • Feedback thanks to data analysis
    • Scheduling and predictive analysis of operations
  • Fire Safety System

    At ALPHA-CIM, we understand the challenges of fire safety for all size and configuration of airport infrastructure. That is why our fire SCADA system is designed to be the most efficient possible and to guide the operator in its surveillance mission.

    Whether you need to secure every single airport zone form fire spread, quickly master a fire emergency situation, analyse potential risks easily or manage the damage & protect human lives, our software will be your best friend.

    We provide real-time and very precise fire alarm geo-localization, we automatically suggest the operator with emergency management scenarios, we provide real-time and automatic connection to CCTV for video display of the zone in question.

    Upgrade your control room with our independent system that will connect with all your current systems and equipments.

    The super intuitive interface of the supervision system enables:

    • Relite action of evacuation, ventilation system or doors to limit the propagation of the fire
    • Automation of SCADA system updates based on SSI & Autocad plans

    ALPHA-CIM also developed ALPHA-CAD, a software which automatically generates fire SCADA making updates easier and pleasant. ALPHA-CAD is also much more reliable than manual installation. Its functionalities include:

    • 3D visualisation
    • Schematics
    • Video
    • Mobility and Safety
    • Open and compatible with multi-manufacturers’ architectures
    • Zoning (subdivision, smoke extraction)
    • Securing
    • Remote reset of the fire safety unit
    • Safety guidelines
    • Switch off/on and deactivation of equipment for tests
    • Scenarios management
    • Periodic testing
    • Traceability
    • Dynamic AUTO-CAD plans and fire unit software importation
    • Discrepancies and inconsistencies focus
  • Access Control System

    Using an efficient Access Control System is essential for all Airports. It helps to protect the restricted areas of the airport or the emergency exits. It also prevents from non-authorized intrusion and avoids malicious acts. A smart Access Control System also track and supervise all accesses.

    Since 2008, ALPHA-CIM’s Security Access Control System meets the highest requirements of surveillance mission.

    Our Access Control System enables a global view of the border allowing a very rapid intervention in case of breach of the border. The software gathers the data from different manufacturers of centralised emergency exit management unit and video systems.

    ALPHA-CIM software enables a unified and efficient view of all the sensitive accesses on one and unique application. The audible signal and automatic switching on the camera linked to the alarm detection zone will faster your decision reactivity.

    Included features:

    • Automated incursion alarm
    • Geo-tracking and rapid intervention
    • Traceability of events and actions
    • Analytics
    • High availability of the system
    • Automatic update via ALPHA-CAD*

    *ALPHA-CAD was developed to automatically update the SCADA system based on SSI and Autocad plans.

  • Building Management System

    Our Building Management System is adaptable to all airport infrastructure configuration.

    ALPHA-CIM technical offer enables the supervision and monitoring of all technological equipments of intelligent buildings that interfaces with:

    • Heating, ventilation and air conditioning
    • Lighting
    • Energy
    • High-Voltage current
    • Low-voltage current
    • Plumbing
  • Airfield Lighting Photometry and Maintenance

    Our sister company, FB Technology, is the world leader in airfield light photometric measurement.

    FB Technology performs measurement and/or calibration of all kind of lights. From runway to taxiway, from PAPI lights to Apron lights (inset and elevated).

    The latest technology to easily and extremely quickly check the compliance and state of lights and perform cleaning of airfield lights.

    Visit our website to be aware of all the systems you could use to ease the airfield lighting maintenance of your airports !


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