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Airport Baggage Handling Systems

ALSTEF designs innovative and sustainable solutions for airport Baggage Handling Systems.

The French company ALSTEF is one of the major suppliers of BAGGAGE HANDLING SYSTEMS in the world.  ALSTEF integrates baggage handling equipment and purpose-designed software into new, extended and up-graded systems.

ALSTEF products include: BAGVeyor, a range of baggage conveyors; BAGClaim, carrousels based on friction drive technology; BAGWARE® control and management software. In addition ALSTEF integrates all the technologies making it possible to improve the performance of its systems. ALSTEF has developped unique expertise in the integration of high speed Standard 3 tomography machines in odrer to check 100% of bags. ALSTEF has also developed several baggage tag identification systems, for 100% traceable baggage in the airports: laser or optic reading of barcodes, optic cameras with character recognition or RFID tag reading.

The company recently developed BAGXenter, a baggage centering and repositionning systems in order to optimise bag presentation at the entrance of screening machines, continuous elevators or to be loaded on shuttles.

With a team of in-house specialists in mechanics, electricity, automation, and I.T., ALSTEF designs efficient solutions to optimise the processing time of baggage, assure flexible operations, reduce the costs of maintenance and save energy. ALSTEF has the capacity to deliver turnkey systems and to perform operation and maintenance.

Company Profile

  • ALSTEF New Product - BAGXenter

    ALSTEF has developed a new concept of bag centering for high throughputs named BAGXenter. It enables to check the position and orientation of the bag on the belt, before being introduced into the screening machine.

    Each BAGXenter system has a capacity of 1200 bags per hour, the different steps are executed without slowing bags flow thus, throughput is not disturbed.

  • Design & Realization of Baggage Handling Systems

    With a design team of more than 90 engineers and technicians , ALSTEF is a system integrator with all in-house technical expertise starting with system design including simulation, through to mechanical and electrical engineering, PLC control and SCADA solutions.

    The Quality System is focussed on customer satisfaction with a strong emphasis on the implementation of efficient and reliable processes to guaranty a timely delivery of a system that will meet all customers’ specifications.

    ALSTEF has a long track record of successful operations. The most representative example being Istanbul Atatürk airport international and domestic. ALSTEF has been working during the last 15 years at Atatürk Airport to bring the system capacity to 50 MPax. During the period ALSTEF has installed : 300 check-in desks , 25 carousels, 2 tilt-tray sorters (162 chutes) 12 PEDS and 7 EDS.

    In 2010, the latest versions of BAGWARE®Sac and BAGWARE®View were installed in replacement of existing SAC and SCADA, in order to increase the international terminal capacity to 24,000 bags/h.

    In 2013 two Early Bag Stores based on BAGShuttle technology were installed to adapt the BHS to the evolution of the transfer traffic.

  • IT Solutions

    BAGWARE®Sac manages the sort allocation and controls all the baggage screening process .It interfaces with the airport IT. Its module BAGWARE®Vol is dedicated to the chutes allocation and BAGWARE®Memory keeps a record of all data processed during one year or more.

    BAGWARE®View is the Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA). It provides the primary user interface to the PLC’s Control System for the purpose of data acquisition and plant control within the BHS.

  • Baggage Handling Systems Maintenance and Operation

    ALSTEF has also developed a strong expertise in the maintenance and operation of baggage systems. With Istanbul, Paris CDG, Fort de France, Pointe-à-Pitre, Dubaï, Montréal, and Nice, ALSTEF  has a long  experience of over 15 years in the on site maintenance of baggage systems.

    Using local ALSTEF trained expert staff we provide an efficient service for our Customers. All maintenance is carried out to rigorous standards defined by manufacturers instructions and the practical experience of the ALSTEF management team. We will use relevant computer aided maintenance systems where appropriate.

    At Montreal, ALSTEF is fully responsible for the Operation and Maintenance of the Trans-Border BHS. We ensure that all of the sophisticated transport and control systems perform reliably and efficiently. Routine planned preventive maintenance and rigorous inspection and patrol regimes ensure that the system availability remains at an impressive 99.86%. One fully trained Technician and one Assistant provide the core of the servicing on each of 2 shifts.

    The Operation is fully monitored at all points by ALSTEF Control Room staff dedicated to the smooth passage of baggage through the complex processes ensuring that all requirements of the US Custom Border Protection are supported. Passenger and bag data can be observed and reported in “real time” to facilitate efficient use of resources.

    The Operation and Maintenance teams are supported by ALSTEF local management and external “Hotlines” to solve control issues, and make improvements.

    At Paris CDG T1 ALSTEF is performing the maintenance of the Baggage Handling System with its staff permanently located in the busy terminal, one of the most used.

Company News

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