ALTEC Aluminium Technik GmbH

Aviation Aluminium Access Platforms and Maintenance Docks

ALTEC, manufacturing entirely in the Germany, is a design and engineering company offering a comprehensive range of superior aluminium access platforms and maintenance docks for the aviation industry. All our products are positioned to industry-leading flexibility, safety and especially, durability.

Our aircraft maintenance platforms allow the technician to access upper-lever services zones efficiently, which improves overall productivity, while providing critical fall protection and assuring a safe work environment in accordance with relevant regulations.

Operating successfully since 1985, we are ideally located in Mayen, Germany. Our location is in middle of Europe and nearby to the Frankfurt airport and to the port of Rotterdam which allows us to deliver our products to our customers virtually anywhere in world at virtually any time!

We design access equipment with the specific needs of clients technicians and maintenance crews in mind. Sizes and characteristics are specially conceived and adapted with view to the requests and the customization of the clients. Our access solutions are safe, durable, and comfortable to use while complying with all current safety regulations.

Company Profile

  • Aluminium Aircraft Access Platforms

    Whether you’re in civil or military aviation, ALTEC has the docking and staging solutions for your aircraft. Whatever your requirements, we offer concrete solutions which meet the highest standards.

    ALTEC will convince with quality, high commitment and flexibility, on-time delivery and competitive prices. Eurocopter, German Federal armed force, Manntech/Mannesmann and Metro Group and are references we are proud of.

    ALTEC enlarges permanently its range of products and accomplishments. Quality progress is an important element of the strategy, and philosophy of our company.

    Constant quality checks at all stages in the manufacturing process are undertaken as a matter of course. We are ISO 9001:2008 certificated, and can fully support your quality requirements.

    Our products comply with all current German and international standards (e.g. DIN EN ISO 12100T1/T2, DIN EN 13857, EN 349,  DIN 4113, DIN 4420). Also, specific standards, such as US-Standards, can be incorporated during the engineering stage.

  • Aircraft Docking-Systems

    ALTEC docking-systems are corrosion free and durable all aluminium structures, and are developed in the own engineering department. ALTEC produces complete docking-systems as well as individual components as nose-dock, tail-dock or wing-dock.

    Whether used as stand-alone stands or linked together to form longer, complete access and fall protection systems, ALTEC-docks offer unmatched utilization and value.

    In order to dock multi aircraft-types, a combination of elevation system and sliding panels are used. With a high-tech laser-equipment ALTEC measures every aircraft exactly according to its contour so that maximum of precession is guaranteed.

    All docks have a rubber or foamed-plastic protection on platform edges and handrails. Therefore, our docks are arguably the highest quality, best designed fall protection stands available today.

  • Helicopter Docking Systems

    About more than 20 years ALTEC is the most important suppliers of the German federal armed forces. Now, we are able to offer a large variety of modules for access to just about every spot of all types of helicopters, such as Tigre, NH 90, CH 53 etc.

    Upon request, docks are equipped with related services such as electrical, pneumatic and lighting devices. We can even deliver hover-cushion-based docking-systems which allows an extremely easy way to move the docks about rough surface.

    A complete dock usually consists of main rotor stair and platform, engine platform stair, rear rotor platform, maintenance stairs, cabin access stairs and tailboom steps.

  • Mobile Access Equipment

    By providing a variety of standardized variable- and fixed-height maintenance stairs/ramps, ALTEC gives the choice among several products, robust and light all aluminium structures, with narrow- or wide-working platform, hydraulic or mechanical system for easy indoor or outdoor manoeuvring and accurate positioning.

    In general, ALTEC variable-height maintenance stairs are equipped with hydraulic pumps saving time and manpower as they are easy to build up and provides a save and comfortable access to the aircraft. Mobile with castors, decomposable or fixed.

    Upon request, stairs and ramps are equipped with a mover for electrical and remote controlled positioning as well as sliding handrails, vertically and horizontally movable.

  • Ramps and Gangways

    Custom-made ramps for loading heavy objects like helicopters into an airplane. The advantage of these kind of tracks is the foldability by a hinge in the middle so that they can be transported in the airplane or helicopter. Welded holds provides a comfortable handling.


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