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ALTO General Aviation Services – we are Germany’s leading infrastructure partner for the general and business aviation. ALTO’s professional team of architects, urban designers, engineers and real estate partners offer the full range of the Design & Build of hangars, GAT’s, fuel stations, tower buildings and more. Furthermore, we offer experienced master planning services for the General Aviation and possess great references in this field.

In our projects, we follow a holistic approach in order to secure the perfect placement of your buildings. In partnerships with our clients, we offer the development of master plans, which take into account all existing structural works and future development possibilities. This process ensures the necessary basis for current and future projects and expansions.

Company Profile

  • Measure Made Hangars

    ALTO standard hangars have been especially constructed to meet the parking requirements of modern aircraft; avoiding all humidity problems and providing comfortable one-man handling.

    Besides our standard hangars, we possess vast experience in designing complex hangar projects measure made to our clients requirements.

  • THE ALTO Circle Hangar

    Our redeveloped circular Hangar, The ALTO Circle, offers space for up to 8 small aircraft and can now be delivered in a completely re-locatable version. It is on site assembled by our experienced staff with little effort and minimum damage to the existing surface. We offer this hangar in different dimensions and, as a supplement, with a photovoltaic roof top, that automatically adjust itself towards the sun’s position.

    Circular parking decks

    Our innovative circular parking decks facilitate the parking of aircrafts of any size in group hangars. At the pilot’s command, any aircraft parked on these rotating systems is relocated automatically into door position within seconds.

    These are the benefits:

    • no more hangar rash
    • fast and easy to operate
    • no more manual airplane relocating
    • only one taxiway and no apron needed for outside parking
    • most efficient use of hangar and land space
    • only one small hangar door needed for numerous aircrafts
    • minimized space consumption per parked aircraft

    In Germany, this system has been implemented in more than 150 hangars.

  • Reconstruction, Redevelopment, Restoration

    Hangars with metal roofs are often prone to suffer from high humidity and dripping water. ALTO is at your disposal to offer our extensive knowledge of air humidity abatement measures and architectural design in order to find the best solution for the individual problems at your site as well.

    Airport Development

    ALTO is proud to be Germany’s leading company in air and landside master planning for small and medium-sized airports and of the general and business aviation areas.

    Our team of experts develop and realise framework and master planning that focus on the long term recoverability and future development of your airport.

    ALTO is looking forward to meeting your special demands!


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