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Air Cargo Ball Transfer Units

Alwayse Engineering was established in 1939 in Birmingham, England.  With over 60 years manufacturing experience and the originators of the Ball Transfer Unit we have become an integral part of the material handling industry.  The name “Alwayse” derives from the multi-directional nature of the ball transfer unit – they move in all directions, enabling the easy transfer of light and heavy goods, and the direction of motion to change instantly.  Whether used for loading or feeding machines, moving goods or materials or as an alternative to the castor, or in a form of linear motion, ball transfer units provide an important and essential service.

Company Profile

  • Part of the wide range of Alwayse Ball Transfer Units.

    Alwayse manufacture the widest range of any other ball unit manufacturer in the world, extending to over 150 different models.

    The range extends from Mini Ball Units, no larger than the nail on your little finger, which can withstand loads of up to 5kgs, through to the Heavy Duty range which have load capacity ratings of up to 4,000kgs.

    Also available are a range of Spring Loaded units which are very useful for shock loading applications, or where a ball unit is required to vary in height slightly.  Also Die Lifter units that are used in power presses/stamping machines to enable quick and easy tool/die changing and locating of the tooling.

    Special units are also designed and manufactured on a regular basis for specific uses in industries such as white goods, air cargo, glass handling, machine tools, and to date over 600 special applications have been manufactured.

  • Air Cargo Ball Transfer Units - Alwayse Production

    Over 70% of production is exported to over 60 countries worldwide with the main export markets being USA, Germany, Hong Kong, The Netherlands, Spain, and France.  In more recent times markets have been established in Russia, China, India, Brazil, Argentina, and Korea.

    Alwayse Engineering also design and manufacture bespoke material handling systems, offering a comprehensive range of equipment including individual Gravity Rollers, Gravity Roller Track Conveyors, Powered Belt Conveyors and Ball Tables.

  • Air Cargo Ball Transfer Units - Alwayse Expanding

    As part of the ongoing expansion Alwayse moved into a brand new £3 million 35,000sq.ft. factory in Aston, Birmingham in March 2006. In addition to its mainstream UK and overseas sales, Alwayse have occasionally answered more unusual requests.

    It provided part of the solution for the infamous “wobbly” Millennium Bridge and have also supplied special units for the US Air Force in Alaska, capable of withstanding extreme cold conditions.

  • Air Cargo Ball Transfer Units - Alwayse Engineering

    This history of Alwayse Engineering has been one of expansion led by engineering development, a drive into export markets and also expanding the home market under the leadership of Graham Golby the Managing Director who has been with the company since 1991.


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