Designing and Manufacturing of Aviation Depot Facilities and Fuelling Systems & Equipment

Amatec SpA is a privately owned Italian company highly specialized in the design and manufacture of a wide range fuels handling systems in accordance with JIG 4 standards and EI recommended practices.

Amatec’s facilities are integrated with first quality COTS products, meeting specific international standards. Our aviation products range from bulk fuel installations for rapid deployment up to semi-permanent and permanent solutions for JET A-1 and AVGAS.

The technology provided includes collapsible, containerized, underground, aboveground and skid mounted solutions for fuel storage, transfer and aircraft refuelling.

We also provide personnel for the commissioning, training and maintenance of our equipment around the globe.

Company Profile


    The containerized refuelling systems for aviation fuels are fitted within ISO 20ft or 40ft containers, and include the following features:

    • Single or double wall storage tank in carbon steel internally epoxy coated or stainless steel fitted with floating suction, overfill prevention and leak detection systems;
    • Electrical self priming centrifugal and/or PD pumps;
    • Positive displacement flow meter with air eliminator
    • Filter water separator and/or monitor filter fitted with accessories
    • Fuel sampling/testing devices
    • Hose-reel with manual/automatic rewind, refuelling hose and underwing/overwing nozzle
    • Explosion-proof electrical control panel
    • Generator for electrical power supply of the system
    • Stainless steel piping fitted with all necessary control valves and instrumentation for the correct and safe operation of the system

    AMATEC’s horizontal cylindrical storage tanks are available in various capacities up to 100’000 L. Depending on the required fuel depot capacity, the storage tanks can be configured for ‘in parallel’, ‘stand alone’ and/or ‘skid mounted’ configuration.

    The AST main technical characteristics are:

    • Single or double wall type with inner shell in epoxy coated carbon steel or stainless steel
    • Floating suction
    • Overfill prevention valve – sensors
    • Leak detection systems;
    • Low point sump with drain line
    • Inspection hatch
    • Normal and emergency vent on request
    • Stainless steel piping
    • Hot dip galvanized stair, walkway and handrail

    AMATEC’s Loading – Unloading System “LUS” is a consolidated unit complete with all elements required to transfer aviation fuel into holding tanks – transport tanks.

    The LUS general design includes separate lines for fuel unloading and loading, each fitted with self priming pump, filter water separator and ancillaries. It can be configured for aircraft refuelling as well.

    The Eexd control system can include hardwired relay logic in order to guarantee the correct valve opening sequence for each operation. Optional can be added to the system to suit customers’ specific requirements such as:

    • Test Rig circuit
    • Relaxation chamber
    • In line closed sampling circuit
    • Refueler / Bridger bonding verification unit

    The Aviation Fuel Trailer (AFT) is designed to perform the following operations even in remote areas without infrastructures:

    • Fuel receipt from a road tanker or fuel carrying aircraft
    • Fuel transfer and filtration within installations (bladder to bladder; tank to tank)
    • De-fuelling an aircraft
    • Refuelling an aircraft

    The AFT is available in different flow-rates and executions. The main components are:

    • Steel structure welded on a chassis with fifth wheel
    • driven engine C/W spark arrestor
    • Inlet / outlet manifold with self-seal adapters
    • Positive displacement pump with inlet filter
    • Filter water separator or filter monitor meeting EI 1581 / EI 1583 latest standards
    • Flow meter
    • Hose reel with aviation refuelling hose
    • Overwing / underwing nozzles
    • SS fuel recovery tank for the collection of drained and fuel samples
    • All necessary safety devices


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