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Aircraft Recovery Equipment designers, manufacturers and distributors. Specialist trainers on aircraft recovery.

AMS Aircraft Recovery Ltd is the “provider of choice” for aircraft recovery equipment and training for 9 of the world’s 12 IATP Pool Kit holders. One of them, British Airways, has worked with us for over 20 years.

Equipping aircraft recovery teams to succeed
It’s no coincidence we’re viewed as world-leading designers, developers, manufacturers and distributors of aircraft recovery equipment, with several notable industry firsts:

  • 1st to move a disabled aircraft with a sledge system,
  • 1st to lift Concorde using airbags,
  • 1st to develop a turntable for the A380 (joint project with B.A.),
  • 1st to open a dedicated aircraft recovery training facility (UK),
  • 1st to offer two dedicated training facilities (2nd facility at Fujairah International Airport, UAE opened 2019).

Our low-pressure aircraft lifting airbag systems are listed as the preferred solution in Aircraft Recovery Manuals (ARM) for aircraft across the world. Field proven from numerous commercial and military aircraft recoveries, they remain the safest, fastest, most durable and cost-effective option for aircraft recovery teams.

At the request of B.A. AMS has also produced an Over-wing Lifting System for new generation aircraft, including A350s, A380s, B777s and B787s.

Our credentials
As a Strategic Partner for IATA, AMS is a key member of IATA’s Aircraft Recovery Task Force group (improving knowledge and capabilities for aircraft recovery teams worldwide).

Our internationally recognised aircraft recovery training has benefited over 1,250 participants from Fire & Rescue teams, Operational staff, and senior management involved in aircraft recovery preparedness.

Established in 1988 and based at Farnborough (UK), our work increasingly involves consultancy advice on preparedness, risk management and recovery techniques for airport authorities, airlines and military air forces.

AMS’s equipment range covers aircraft lifting and aircraft movement, including fast assembly, rapid inflation low-pressure airbag systems; fuselage lifting sling systems; tethering kits; aircraft de-bogging systems; sledge systems (for recoveries on soft, rough or uneven ground); recovery transporter systems; reinforced ground panels (for runway excursions), and turntables (for narrow/wide-bodied aircraft).

All equipment and training is based on specifications and guidelines contained in aviation industry Aircraft Recovery Manuals.

Some of our customers
Our U.K. international airport customers include London Heathrow, Manchester, Birmingham, Bristol, Belfast and Stansted.

International airport customers include Dublin (Ireland), Barcelona (Spain), Faro & Lisbon (Portugal), Napoli (Italy), Athens (Greece), Sharjah (UAE), Domodedovo, Polkovo, Kaliningrad (Russia), Baku (Azerbaijan), all major airports across the Far East (including Jakarta/Indonesia), and every airport in Taiwan. 

Airline customers include Air France, Air New Zealand, Delta, Emirates, Malaysian, Thai Airways, Qantas, South African Airlines, and British Airways. 

Military air force customers include multi AFB locations for the United States Air Force and Air National Guard, Canadian National Defence, French Marine Corps, Republic of Korea Air Force, Royal Australian Air Force, Royal Malaysian Air Force, Royal Norwegian Air Force, and Yokata AFB (Japan).

Engineered in Britain
British engineering is synonymous with high quality. Our equipment is engineered in Britain – one reason why airports, airport authorities, airlines and military air forces use AMS as their first-choice provider.

Company Profile

  • Aircraft Lifting Equipment

    Aircraft Lifting Airbags

    AMS use 30 or 40 tonne capacity airbags for most recovery scenarios. 12, 15, 20 & 26 tonne capacity airbags available for aircraft with smaller lifting areas. Customised options also available. Lifting capacities calculated at working pressure of 0.5 bar (7.2 p.s.i.).

    Specially woven neoprene coated reinforced fabric maintains durability, provides long life expectancy, and high stability during operation.

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    Airbag Inflation (Single Control Console- SCC)

    The industry standard for inflating airbags. AMS developed the original design for demands of military and civil operators. Individual operators control inflation and pressurisation, with each airbag’s pressure monitored via pressure gauges on outlets of the console.

    An efficient, cost-effective way to control inflation and lifting process.

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    Fuselage Lifting Systems (FLS)

    Designed as the first lightweight, fully modular system, to handle nose gear recovery scenarios for narrow and wide-bodied aircraft.

    Covers three categories (CAT1, CAT2 & CAT3). CAT3 is largest system, able to lift nose of commercial aircraft up to and including the A380. Modular design enables AMS to adapt design for new generation aircraft (including B787, A350).

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    Immediate Response Kits

    Our range of Immediate Response Kits enable airports/military airbases to purchase competitively priced recovery systems and upgrade them as their needs/budget change.

    A flexible solution to allow airports/airbases of all sizes to operate their own aircraft recovery system.

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    Aircraft Tethering Equipment

    Used to stabilise aircraft during recoveries and resist aircraft movement imposed by wind. During tethering, all loads are measured with load monitoring devices (the hand winch supplied by AMS is the industry leader for this type of equipment).

    Cables and shackles supplied in the system are galvanised to prolong life expectancy (Synthetic Roundslings have a safety factor of 7:1).

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  • Aircraft Movement Equipment

    Sledge Movement Systems

    A simple, safe and efficient method of moving disabled aircraft from areas of uneven or soft ground. Its unique hinge allows the sledge to tackle the widest range of terrain and articulate over rough surfaces without generating excessive hauling loads (reducing risk of irreparable damage to the sledge or secondary damage to the aircraft).

    Can be assembled at incident site without need for specialised tools. The simple design requires minimal operator training for assembly and maintenance. Sand can be used as interface between sledge and abrasive surfaces to reduce friction/prevent damage to runway and equipment.

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    Transport Movement Systems

    Used for landing gear failures, our multi-wheel systems can operate on runways, hard standings, or be combined with our Sledge Movement Systems for uneven ground recoveries.

    Supports load of 40 or 50 tonnes. Airbags can be used as interface with aircraft fuselage or wings.

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    Turntable Systems

    We provide two turntable options: 15 tonnes and 50 tonnes capacity. Used for nose landing gear failure scenarios, the turntable is placed under the fuselage so disabled aircraft can be moved as if the undercarriage was still in place.

    Our 50 tonne unit was specifically produced for wide-bodied aircraft up to and including the A380. Two key innovations are the curved profile design and optional rubber buffer cushion interface.

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    De-bogging/Towing Systems

    An industry recognised solution for dealing with aircraft that have run off the edge of taxiways/runways.

    AMS manufacture several De-Bogging/Aircraft Towing kits with capacities of 25, 55 and 65 tonnes to recover aircraft quickly and safely, so airport/airbase operations can resume as soon as possible.

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    Reinforced Grounds Panels

    Used for runway excursion recovery scenarios, our panels have been tested on very soft surfaces up to 250psi (17.5kgf/cm²)- the A380 has a footprint load of 230psi.

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    Load Indicating Devices

    Critical data has to be documented and is a requirement in aircraft manufacturer’s recovery procedures (detailed in the relevant recovery manual).

    AMS offer a range of suitable Load Indicating Devices for aircraft recovery operations, with the following features:

    • 2.5 tonne to 200 tonne capacities
    • Choice of dual units available
    • Peak & Trough hold function
    • Direct Read or Wireless options available
    • Sealed to IP65 Standards

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  • Aircraft Recovery Training

    We are the only aircraft recovery equipment specialists to offer internationally recognised training at two dedicated Training Facilities (as well as options for training at customers’ airports or military air force bases).

    Our most popular courses cover disabled aircraft recovery techniques and the use of aircraft recovery equipment. We also offer courses on managing aircraft recovery incidents to assist airports, airport authorities and military air forces with risk management and preparedness.

    Participants learn how aircraft should be recovered in accordance with IATA recommendations and the appropriate Aircraft Recovery Manual. Theory and practical “hands-on” training are provided using the same types of full-size aircraft currently being used by major airlines. This enables trainees to practice recoveries on aircraft they are likely to encounter in real-life recovery scenarios at their own airports.

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