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Anton Air Support, the specialist in inspecting, renovating and maintaining Passenger Boarding Bridges

Anton Air Support is a specialist in inspecting, renovating and maintaining Passenger Boarding Bridges at airports. Thanks to our years of experience at many different airports and with inspecting and renovating all types of Passenger Boarding Bridges, we possess the specific knowledge necessary for renovating an old Passenger Boarding Bridge into a brand-new PBB. From steel constructions up to the electrical installation and the accompanying operating controls; we are the expert.

Our head office is situated in Obdam, the Netherlands, not far from Amsterdam. We are independent and have no partnerships with bridge suppliers. This allows us to give objective recommendations about the current state of Passenger Boarding Bridges. By renovating a PBB instead of purchasing a new PBB, you not only save costs, but your company also contributes to sustainability. People, planet and profit.

Feel free to make use of our specialized experience and expertise, our network of suppliers and international contacts. Our reputation is renowned for setting high norms for safety and for the reliability of the inspection, renovation and maintenance of PBBs.

Company Profile

  • Inspection

    Gain an understanding of the current state and lifespan of your Passenger Boarding Bridge!

    Anton Air Support determines the current state and lifespan of your Passenger Boarding Bridge and provides advice and recommendations by means of a detailed inspection report. This is always an independent and objective report. Each case is treated uniquely and is expertly evaluated by us.

    In the first step of the inspection, our specialists collect data on your current Passenger Boarding Bridge from a distance and we take inventory. The checklist partly consists of questions regarding safety, technical questions, questions from the viewpoint of the passengers, suppliers and the airport. We discuss this checklist with you beforehand to see if it is complete and if it meets your requirements.

    On location, we perform an extensive inspection based on the results of the checklist and the inspection form. Our specialists take photos of visible and less obvious defects and execute an extensive and complete inspection. After reading the inspection report, you will have a detailed knowledge of what should be done to extend the lifespan or if the PBB will have to be replaced entirely. If the result is the last case, then we provide you with advice and we can arrange the purchase, transport and the installation of a new PBB that best suits your wishes and requirements.

    An inspection report by Anton Air Support gives you an overview and guarantees you the safety, durability and quality of your PBBs for the future.

    Request an example inspection report here!

  • Renovation

    After drawing up the inspection report, it is time for the renovation. A renovation can consist of a new bridge deck, upgrading the substructure as well as a technical installation. We might need to repaint the PBB or perform an upgrade of the current operating system in order to include a new PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) and a touch-screen control panel.

    Operating systems on board bridges vary from electro-hydraulic to electro-mechanic and in some cases even a combination of both. Anton Air Support is capable of designing a new and reliable system to extend the lifespan of nearly any PBB. This further increases the lifespan of your bridge at the cost of a small investment.

    Anton Air Support renovates PBBs under optimal conditions and without any inconvenience to the environment. As a result, the renovation costs, environmental costs and the social costs turn out much lower than when you purchase a completely new PBB.

  • Technical support & maintenance

    We also offer trainings and support for assembling and upgrading PBBs together with your own mechanics. Is something malfunctioning or would you like to request a second opinion? Anton Air Support provides independent advice and 24/7 service.

    Because we know that regular and proper maintenance is an easy way to extend the lifespan of your PBB. This saves you expenses and guarantees durability and safety.

  • Transport

    Anton Air Support does not only arrange transport of Passenger Boarding Bridges per truck, feeder or inland barge. We also take care of the terminal handling, offloading containers and customs declarations.

    Thanks to our experience in transport, you can count on the PBB arriving on location quickly, expertly, safely and professionally.

  • Installation

    We provide the installation of new Passenger Boarding Bridges. We have close contact with local crane and transport companies. We perform the installation with our in-house team of specialists.

    Our tasks include the mechanic and electrical aspects as well as testing and commissioning the PBB. Our teamwork is focused on results.

    We also carry out the Site Acceptance Test (SAT) and live-dockings. On request, we can guide you through the Factory Acceptance Test (FAT). We issue our own FAT document in the Design brief.


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