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Radiation Monitors for Security Applications at Airports

Arktis develops next generation radiation detection systems that intercept and classify transiting radiological & nuclear materials for security applications. Our systems are modular and scalable in order to work for static, removeable and mobile solutions, enhancing security standards and ease of operations, for users demanding high efficiency and high throughput Arktis also supply Radiation Portal Monitors for Airports.

Arktis systems are designed to work efficiently in fields of application where heavy traffic of goods, vehicles and people are expected, such as airport security checkpoints and patrols, border security checkpoints and patrols, large events or government buildings.

Our highly qualified team develop systems with full compliance to top world security standards such as ANSI, but also achieving a further step into IOT through fully networkable devices, capable of being arranged into user friendly WAN or LAN, controlled by a single operations room. All radiation detectors have PoE interfaces and excellent cybersecurity measures.

Arktis active participation in large and ambitious US and EU homeland security programs such as SIGMA DARPA and Horizon 2020 is a guarantee of serious commitment and efforts to deliver 100% integrable, open systems architecture, networked security systems.

The range of products Arktis offers for airport applications is wide, but can be reduced to essentially 3 categories:

  • Radiation Portal Monitors (FRPM) for vehicles such as trucks or airport baggage trains: fixed or removeable, Arktis FRPM detect and classify any radiation anomaly. It complies with ANSI 42.35 detection standards. As with all Arktis products it is customizable to customers’ needs and offers a full selection of peripherals for vehicle control, such as: alarm beacons, traffic lights, traffic bars, number plate recognition. Automatic and remotely controllable, the RPM can be integrated in preexisting networks and even synchronize with X-ray machines to work close by.
  • Radiation Portal Monitors (RPM) for pedestrians: fixed or removeable, those portals can be indoor or outdoor, featuring the same characteristics of the larger FRPM. Ideal for transit passages between terminals and to border control.
  • Customizable area monitors: Arktis modular and ultra-thin large area radiation detectors (flat panel gamma, FPG) can be used everywhere in an airport while being fully concealed. Can be integrated in conveyor belts, x-ray scanning machines, karts, treadmills etc.

Arktis was incorporated in 2007 in the wake of several major events that highlighted the need to counter the emerging nuclear threat to world security. The team leveraged their extensive understanding of nuclear physics to apply it to the design and production of next generation radiation detection systems. At Arktis, we design and manufacture advanced integrated systems that detect and categorize radiological and nuclear materials with an unprecedented level of accuracy and reliability. Arktis is ISO 9001:2015 certified.

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Arktis Radiation Detection Drone

This radiation detecting drone can map an area of 100’000 m2 in a single flight of 20 minutes. The system is about 50 x more sensitive than typical drone-based detectors. Flying a tight search pattern, it …

Arktis MODES Kit- Mobile Rad/ Nuc Detection System

The MODES Kit enables the conversion of ordinary vehicles into mobile radiation detection systems within minutes. The system can be used to perform radiation mapping, search for lost or stolen radioac­tive sources, and monitor traffic …

P2000: Multipurpose Portable Radiation Portal Monitor

The P2000 portable radiation portal monitor (PRPM) provides unparalleled flexibility and requires minimal setup time. It detects gamma and neutron radiation from smuggled radiological material. Its modularity enables obstruction-free configurations suitable for scanning luggage, pedestrians …

MODES_SNM Mobile Radiation Detection System - Vehicle mounted radiation detection platform

Mobile detection systems have the versatility to cover a broad spectrum of radiation detection missions. While deployed in the daily business of port security and law enforcement, they can also be kept ready for rapid …

Arktis FRPM-B Radiation Portal Monitor

High throughput radiation portal monitor for vehicles The Arktis FRPM-B allows highly reliable screening of trucks and cargo containers for radiological threats and smuggled materials. It detects gamma and neutron radiation with very low false alarm …

Company News

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The Arktis Radiation Detectors Team was hosted at Labor Spiez for a joint testing exercise. The joint exercise was with Bundesamt für Bevölkerungsschutz BABS and armasuisse Wissenschaft und Technologie. The testing involved radioactive source search scenarios using drones! …

Arktis: Briefing the Army on advanced nuclear detection systems

Arktis Radiation Detectors were exhibiting at AUSA 2022 in Washington DC. In a meeting facilitated by Raytheon Technologies and LTG (ret) Dell Dailey, we briefed Director of Materiel BG Steve Marks and his team.

Ready to go mobile! The Arktis Radiation Detectors MODES Kit

The Arktis Radiation Detectors MODES kit is designed to detect and identify radiological threats. The system can work either deployed in vehicles or as a stand-alone static monitor. The internal processing unit manages the real-time ambient spectrum. Also, …


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