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ATM / ATC Systems - Radar & 3D Aerodrome Simulators - Voice Communications Systems - Voice Recorders - ATIS

ARTISYS supplies ATC, airport and voice communications systems (VCS) products for:

  • Operations
  • Training
  • Design
  • Research.

Based on recent technical and operational concepts, this equipment provides high level of built-in intelligence and unique functionality as well as support for user’s everyday tasks. Based on aviation standards, interoperability allows easy integration with other equipment.

All systems feature high reliability, operational safety, close-to-zero maintenance and remote servicing.

Company Profile

  • ATC / ATM Systems

    The ATC System CATT G4 is a complete solution for smaller airports. It can be used for air traffic control in the civil and military collaborative environment.

    Fully integrated TWR – APP – ACC air situation with surveillance, flight and airspace data on ATC Working Position. Compliant with aviation standards and operational safety and reliability demands.

    CATT G4 includes a set of functional components to be used together or as independent systems.

    • Controller Working Positions
    • Safety Nets + RIMCAS
    • Surveillance Data Processing
    • Flight Data Processing System (FDPS)
    • Recording & Replay System
    • Voice Communications System (VCS)
    • ATIS
    • Time Reference System & clock
    • Training Simulator Radar & Aerodrome


    • Complete system from single manufacturer
    • User’s independence
    • Guaranteed future growth as investment protection


    • Performance ATC controller workplace with operational logic and functional ergonomy supports Collaborative Decision Making
    • Real-time flight monitoring and events processing
    • Highly integrated environment with unique cross-systems functions
    • Flexibility and scalability
  • ATC Simulator CASS G4

    Fully fleshed integrated Aerodrome & Radar ATC Simulator CASS G4 with entire ecosystem of training covering not only simulation, but also planning, preparation, evaluation and record conducting.

    • Integrated TWR – PAR – APP – ACC with all types of sensors
    • Operational ATC / ATM environment
    • Civil and military operations and procedures
    • Simulation ground – air – sea and weather
    • 2D and 3D visualization
    • All types of training


    • Unique educational tools considerably enhancing training effectivity
    • Training with real operational ATC equipment (optionally as contingency)
    • Reduced running cost due to lesser need of traning staff and instructors


    • Highly realistic simulation
    • Verification of ATC procedures and airspace design
    • Mission under control in time and space
    • Up to 360° multi-channel visualization
    • Highly advanced scenario editing
    • Complete ecosystem for instructors
  • Voice Communications System - VCS

    VCS G4 is VoIP – inside and outside – based integrating radio, telephone, hot-line and intercom, suitable as operational or fallback VCS system. Concept applied grants this VCS exceptional features and high level of resistance against failure.

    • Voice Communications System
    • Recording & Replay System
    • ATIS
    • Time Reference System
    • Voice Recognition & Synthesis
    • Controller Stress Monitor


    • Fully digital chain between operator and transceiver
    • COTS hardware
    • Monitoring and voice sharing available in country-wide network


    • Colour touch-screen Control Panel and set of audio accessories
    • Configurable
    • Analog and VoIP radios, network and remote  control
    • Analog and VoIP PBX and telephones
    • Special features for simulators
  • ATIS

    Designed to provide automatic broadcasting of voice messages with actual information for pilots in the frame of the Air Navigation Services locations as a support equipment.

    ATIS is a fully digital system, capable to cooperate with both digital VoIP or analog radios inputs as well as with a number of other ATM systems through digital interfaces.


    • ATIS server single or redundant with automatic switchover
    • ATIS workstation(s)
    • internal recorder and player
    • ATIS interfaces:
    • radio interface
    • optional: interface to Recording & Replay System or Voice Recorder
    • optional: interface to PBX
    • optional: interface to VCS
    • ALIK (Acoustic Language Interface Kit)
    • Technical Workstation.


    • Available as operational ATIS as well as a component of traning facility in a simulator.
    • Can work as a standalone system or as a part of an integrated solution (constituent).
    • Based on interoperability capable to cooperate and integrate with other interoperable equipments from other manufacturers.


    • interoperable,
    • adjustable,
    • natively integrated and consistent with the system environment of ARTISYS products

    Digital NOTAM is not a new thing, however AIXM 5.1 brings an essential breakthrough in D-NOTAM implementation. Task of ORION designed for airport is to collect and maintain a database of NOTAMS and to provide them to those who need to know in a comprehensive selection.


    • Guided NOTAM preparation eliminating errors
    • Unique geographical elements reference
    • Multi-airspace geographical database (from AIPs)
    • Independent collection of NOTAMs ready for pilots and ATC


    • Static airspace database
    • Dynamic D-NOTAM database
    • Cross-checks and graphical access to information
    • Receive and send D-NOTAMs in AIXM 5.1 format
    • Export D-NOTAMS for pilots’ briefing
    • Export D-NOTAMS into ATM system


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