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Protecting the surface of runways and taxiways with Rhinophalt asphalt preservation

Rhinophalt asphalt preservation helps protect and preserve the surface of runways and taxiways to help it last longer and prolong the needs for expensive resurfacing, while being 90% more carbon efficient.

By preserving the asphalt surface with Rhinophalt and protecting the pavement, making it last longer, is one of the most sustainable asphalt maintenance systems available. Extending the life of the surface course by up to 100% reduces the number of times you need to resurface as well as reduce reactive maintenance. Sustainability through preservation conserves the valuable mineral resources and fossil fuel binders. Whatever maintenance is done on runways and taxiways at airports, it is vital it is carried out with minimum disruption to airport operations-asphalt preservation can help deliver that while significantly reducing the risk failure due to oxidization.

Maintaining the Surface of Runways


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