Assaia Apron AI

Apron Artificial Intelligence for Airports

Executive Summary
Assaia AI-based software system monitors turnarounds through existing ramp cameras and provides situational awareness. It automatically generates event timestamps, hazardous situation alerts, and predictions.

Solution ensures that airport, carriers and handlers have the most accurate turn-time data to do better turn planning, intervention, and recovery.

This data is used to streamline ramp operations and to make the ramp a safer place for both people and equipment. It is also used to optimize operations with regards to environment friendliness.

Leverages existing investments in VDGS & CCTV systems and integrates with many software packages. Goes hand-in-hand with existing data sources.

Our Mission
To enable time-efficient and affordable air travel for the next decades by making apron operations more efficient, safer and more sustainable.

What Is Your Turnaround Visibility?

Problem: Turnarounds = Blackbox

Poor data availability materializes in:

  • Degraded OTP
  • Suboptimal Asset Utilization
  • Excess Cost
  • Unattributed Incidments

Our Solution

We feed ramp video* to AI to understand every turnaround and prevent incidents.

* preferably from existing cameras in VDGS & CCTV

Output: Timestamps, Alerts & Predictions

Use Cases

Real-time intervention (turn recovery)
Systematic turn optimization
Handler performance analysis
Improved SLA carrier/handler alignment
cost per turn
Automated SLA & service validation
Contract optimization (also: more dynamic)
Decrease manual effort
Clear responsibilities for delays & damages
turnaround &
back office
Improve efficiency
safety record
Prevent incidents before they occur
Increase audit coverage to ~100%
Automate reporting


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