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Airport X-ray Scanners

Astrophysics, Inc. is a world leader in airport X-ray scanners that help make hidden threats visible. Operators around the world use our advanced imaging technology to find contraband hidden in objects ranging from suitcases to cargo containers. Our customers include airports, freight forwarders, government agencies, and other critical infrastructure sites that demand vigilant security. We take pride in assembling our machines in the U.S. and we work closely with our partners to ensure we meet all their X-ray security needs.

At Astrophysics we are proud of our stellar X-ray technology. We develop powerful imaging software and pair it with industry-leading features, like our 6 Color Imaging, to help operators quickly and efficiently find hidden threats. We manufacture over 40 different X-ray scanners, and have 8 TSA-qualified dual-view units for airport and air cargo applications. If customers cannot find units that meet their security needs, we will work closely with them and build units customized for their specific security mission.

Our airport X-ray scanners are especially well-suited to tackle critical passenger and cargo screening, and we partner with both the world’s largest airports and newer facilities in developing countries. We recently delivered our best-selling XIS-6040 units to a prominent south Florida airport for inspecting employees and visitors. We know exactly what makes for effective airport X-ray scanners, and our knowledgeable sales staff wants to help find a solution to your specific airport security challenges.

Astrophysics X-ray units are installed in 138 countries around the world, and our expert service technicians can service the machines from any of our global offices. For the last 15 years we have developed cutting-edge X-ray scanners, installed industry- leading imaging technology, and ensured each partner has a customized solution for their specific needs. We look forward to helping you tackle your security mission and partnering with you to quickly and efficiently find hidden threats.

Company Profile

  • Baggage Scanners

    Astrophysics, Inc. has a diverse product line of X-ray baggage scanners for screening carry-on luggage, checked baggage, and cargo.

    We offer fully-integrated security solutions that include walkthroughs, metal detectors, remote workstations, automatic tray return systems, and extended roller tables to fit your security mission and space requirements.

  • X-ray Screening Equipment

    Astrophysics, Inc. is the cargo screening expert. We offer more than 40 X-ray units, stay current on TSA regulations and can help you choose X-ray screening equipment that best fits your security mission.

    We have 8 TSA-qualified dual-view scanners, and our knowledgeable sales staff will help you find units with the ideal tunnels dimensions, generator size, and imaging features.


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