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Baggage Handling Systems Controls Supplier

The Automated Technology Group is a leading global supplier of automation and power solutions, including controls for baggage handling systems. The company employs over 150 highly skilled staff in the design, development, installation, maintenance and upgrade of control systems. A market leader in automation control integration, The Automated Technology Group is an approved system integrator for Siemens, Rockwell and Group Schneider.

The company’s experience in baggage handling control solution design and software and hardware engineering combined with expert project management and tailored support, allow The Automated Technology Group to deliver projects on time, within budget and in accordance with the clients’ specifications.

Established in 1996, The Automated Technology Group has successfully completed a number of major projects for the airports industry sector, including jobs delivered for baggage handling system suppliers and many other well-known companies. The Automated Technology Group is also active in the logistics, automotive, food & beverage and manufacturing industries and provides end-to-end solutions to blue-chip clients worldwide.

Headquartered in Silsoe, The Automated Technology Group is a dynamic and fast-growing organisation with multiple sites across the UK and worldwide including Silsoe, Bedford, Birmingham, Stafford, Northampton and Bratislava (Slovakia).

Company Profile

  • Baggage Handling Control Solution Design

    The Automated Technology Group designs and supplies state-of-the-art controls for baggage handling systems, with the complexity and scale of each solution designed to suit the size of the airport operation. Our solutions cater for the end-to-end handling of airport baggage – from check-in and security screening, through transportation and early bag storage, to sorting and flight make-up. For arrivals, the process includes plane unloading, transfer baggage operations and baggage reclaim.

    Each piece of baggage needs to reach its required destination on time, ensuring that time-critical baggage transfers are completed successfully and that delays to departing flights are avoided. Our control systems take account of all the relevant handling factors including the required speed, throughput and availability, as well as the types of baggage, available space, specific tracking and tracing needs and the profile of baggage peaks.

  • Software and Hardware Engineering

    Our engineers specialise in combining software design with hardware engineering to create cost-effective control systems that optimise material flow performance.

    Using state-of-the-art simulation software, we can prove our automation concepts in the virtual world before integrating them seamlessly in the real world.

    We manufacture our control panels in-house, with full inspection and testing of all equipment before delivery to the client’s site. We have also developed a number of our own software products for conveyor and automated storage applications.

    During installation, our technicians use software tools to analyse equipment operation in order to optimise handling speeds, avoiding the need for more expensive hardware upgrades.

  • Project Management

    The Automated Technology Group is committed to providing a comprehensive and professional project management service, from initial consultation right through to system handover.

    Our control solutions not only provide competitive advantage for our clients, they are delivered on time, within budget and with minimal disruption to ongoing operations.

    As a result, many of our clients return to us time after time to take care of their automation control requirements.

  • Installation, Training & Maintenance

    The Automated Technology Group installs and commissions control solutions according to clients’ operational needs. Our engineers can also provide comprehensive training for staff, if required.

    We understand that fast and effective customer support is absolutely critical for our clients. In fact, we believe that support begins at the project design stage, where we use simultaneous engineering to identify the fail-safe features and inherent reliability factors that form an integral part of each solution supplied by The Automated Technology Group.

    Once your material handling system is live, we can provide 24/7 remote support to keep your facility running efficiently, including a dial-in service using web-based VPN technology.

    If on-site support is required, we guarantee a rapid and effective response from our fully qualified team of service engineers.


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