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High Quality Airport Ground Support Equipment

Avia Equipment, established in 1989, offers a wide range of high quality airport ground support equipment and other equipment related to aircraft maintenance or airport facilities. We represent a number of world leading G.S.E manufacturers from Europe, U.S.A and Australia in the Aviation Industry and have an excellent and proven track record in the delivery, reliability and performance of the products and after-sales service to our customers.

In addition to supplying a wide range of ground support equipment, Avia Equipment also provides engineering consultancy services in Aircraft Ground Power Systems and Ground Service Pits Installation for airport and maintenance hangars.

Avia’s personnel are well trained and dedicated in the sale and servicing of aircraft ground support equipment. Our success is attributed to their extensive experience and our firm commitment in providing efficient after-sales service and product support.

Company Profile

  • Avia Equipment Services

    Avia believes that besides supplying good quality equipment, rendering excellent support and after-sales services are just as vital.  We offer comprehensive technical support during at project planning phase, through project implementation and provide commissioning and training of equipment and after sales services such as:

    • Warranty support
    • Preventive maintenance of equipment
    • Repair and servicing of equipment
    • Spare part support

    400Hz System Solution
    Customers recognize us in the field of the centralized 400 Hz system for our experience, technical knowledge and professionalism.  As our customer, we will analyze your needs and provide technical support in the development of your projects to ensure success, both for civil or military aviation.

    We provide:

    • Design, supply and commissioning of new 400Hz systems
    • Enhancement of the existing systems
    • Diagnostics and Repair of the system
    • Supply of spare parts
    • Maintenance and service support
  • Air Conditioning Units

    • Application: Cooling of aircraft interior to keep aircraft interiors comfortable in hangars, at maintenance sites, and on the ramp.
    • Electric, self-contained, automatically controlled preconditioned air unit that provides ventilation and filtering to aircraft’s supply air during pre-flight and loading service.
    • Available in different sizes and configurations to meet the needs of different types of aircraft
    • Available Capacity (Tons): 20, 30, 50, 60, 75, 100, 120
  • Frequency Converters

    400Hz Rotary Frequency Converter

    • Compact design because of the monoshaft arrangement – no alignment of the whole machine is necessary. The total length of the machine-set can be reduced up to 50% resulting also in lower weight.
    • Air inflow and outflow ducts are possible
    • The power factor of the motor is automatically controlled from 0.9 to 1.0 at 50% to 100% of nominal load.
    • Higher efficiency because of just 1 fan, 1 exciter machine and 2 bearings
    • No wear parts like clutch or brushes, just 2 bearings instead of 4
    • Higher MTBF-value (meantime between failure): more than 50 000 hrs. of monoshaft converter.
    • Instead of one rotating start up resistor a reliable and roust starter winding is used.
    • Patented exciter system
    • Maintenance friendly through parts are easy of access.

    Solid State Frequency Converters (400Hz)

    • Application: Convert standard 50/60Hz utility power to aircraft-compatible 400Hz
    • Can be stand, cart or bridge mounted
    • Solid-state technology
    • More than 94% efficient
    • Operate as demand
    • Negligible no load power losses
    • Rugged Aluminium Cases Enclosures (NEMA 3R)
    • Self calibrating circuitry
    • Interchangeable modules
    • Swing-down panels on the cabinet
    • Comprehensive system of internal diagnostics
    • SCR regulated or pulse width modulation technology
    • Compatible with input power ranging from 380V to 480V, at either 50 or 60 Hz
  • Avia Equipment and Maintenance

    Aircraft Wheel &Brake Workshop Equipment:

    Dynamic Universal Bead Breaker – DUBB

    • Specially designed for the latest generation of radial tires
    • Suitable for the Michelin NZG tire for A340-500/600 and A380.
    • Brand: KUNZ

    Maintennce Lift

    • Model TML-704
    • Self-propelled work platform with 2,000 lb lift capacity. Platform elevates to 16 feet and gives workers repair access to most aircraft.
    • The modular engine/transmission design makes maintenance and repairs quick and simple.
    • The unit is available in gas, diesel, and electric – both AC and DC.
    • Unique modular engine design

    GSE Spare Parts and Accessories

    We supply Spare Parts for Ground Support Equipment such as 400Hz cable, hydraulic hoses, air conditioning hoses, air start hoses, lavatory waste hoses, hydraulic couplings, air start couplings and many more. Please contact us if you require any spares for your ground support equipment. We would provide you the necessary support.


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