Your supplier for refurbished GSE and Rental solutions

After being a well-known GSE provider in the aviation sector for decades, Aviaco is now one of the largest companies in the world, currently supplying refurbished and brand-new ground handling equipment for the aviation sector in more than 90 countries across the world.

Aviaco counts with a solid team of top professionals, with more than 25 years of experience in the ground support industry, who are leading the company to be one of the key players in the GSE market nowadays.

Located in Belgium, Spain, and the Netherlands, within reach of Brussels, Barcelona and Amsterdam airports, and with access to adjacent seaports, the company is ideally positioned to transport equipment to any destination around the world. Spare parts, technical-operational training and technical back-up are to hand and GSE can also be rented on a short as well as a long-term basis.

Our robust portfolio of services allows us to offer a full-service concept to our customers. Our main activities include:

  • Sales & purchase of high-quality GSE worldwide
  • Short & long term GSE rental, offering several leasing and rental solutions adapted to our Customers’ needs
  • Refurbishment and Repair & maintenance services performed in-house in our 3 main workshops in Europe (Netherlands, Belgium and Spain) and through our network of high-quality subcontractors’ facilities capable of overhauling any type of equipment.
  • Other value-added services, such as fleet management, door-to-door transport services, spare parts delivery and commissioning on-site

Our mission is to create an open and true business relationship with our customers, where confidence is essential.

Company Profile

  • Airport Cargo Handling Equipment

    For cargo handling we offer cargo transporters, cargo high-loaders and special cargo loaders to suit all of the requirements of airport ground cargo operation.

    We also have baggage trailers available and cargo dollies.

  • Airport Towing Tractors

    We can also provide diesel and electro tractors (sometimes liquid gas) for cargo and baggage use, along with aircraft towing tractors for light, medium sized and wide-body aircrafts.

  • Airport Ground Power Unit

    The Aviaco-GSE equipment range includes aircraft ground power units and air start units as towable or truck-mounted units.

  • Airport Winter Service Equipment

    Our winter-service equipment range includes runway sweepers, runway deicing units,  etc…. Aircraft deicing units are also available “ready to go” straight from our facilities.

Company News

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