Inflatable Hangars for Any Challenge

Aviatech inflatable aircraft hangars are deployed directly to the surface without foundation, classifying them as temporary facilities. Building permits are left behind as well as hefty rental fees associated with renting traditional facilities at airports. Our wide clear span aircraft hangars are deployed in days, fitting any airplane or helicopter. Keep your assets safe from the external environment.

The growing number of aircraft at civil airports, coupled with storage regulations prove burdensome to companies looking for a quick and reliable hangar solution. Aviatech inflatable hangars have been specially designed to meet the unique needs of aircraft owners and manufacturers, regardless of size or location.

Jet and helicopter hangars, Portable Aircraft Hangars

Aviatech portable structures require no foundation, classifying them as temporary facilities. Building permits are left behind as well as hefty rental fees associated with traditional facilities at civil airports. Our hangars are deployed fast with a wide clear span, fitting almost any aircraft. Aviatech inflatable hangars resist all weather conditions and remain fully operable.

Bypass the regulations: Aircraft Hangar

The aviation industry has many regulations in place to maximize safety and security for citizens. On the one hand, this is great! On the other, having to abide by all of these rules can be a costly and extraneous exercise. Aviatech inflatable hangars take the hassle out of the process, reducing the time and money of obtaining permits and governing approval. Our solutions are considered temporary, as they require no foundation.

No aircraft too big – Portable Aircraft Hangar

Inflatable hangars, portable aircraft hangars are designed with durability in mind, making them ideal for all aircraft storage, repair, and maintenance needs. Aviatech hangars are engineered with a wide span that requires no internal support foundations, making them suitable for all aircraft types. From jets to helicopters, the state-of-the-art modular design makes it possible to protect and maintain aircraft faced with the world’s harshest conditions.

Relocate fast

Unlike conventional steel hangars, the deployment and eradication of Aviatech inflatable facilities can be completed within days. Lightweight and compact, these hangars can be transported on commercial flights. Thus, making moving to the next destination seamless and cost-effective.

External environment resistant

Aircraft repairs are susceptible to operations. Once stripped of the exterior metals, the working environment needs to be highly regulated to ensure no dust or debris ruin the interior. Once dismantled, aircraft are prone to erosion and electrical short circuit. Aviatech inflatable hangars keep the environment clean and stable to avoid any cross-contamination.


Inflatable Aircraft Hangar

Hangars faster and cheaper Delivery from 30 days and no need of construction permits. Large portable hangars that extend and speed up your operational capabilities, leaving no environmental footprint. Benefits Focus on your job and let us take …


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