Airport Bird Strike Prevention

Avisure aims to provide the aviation industry with the world’s best products, processes, research and expert advice to ultimately reduce the occurrence of bird strike and establish a benchmark in the industry that encourages a global proactive approach to bird strike management.

Avisures team of experts can help you mitigate your birdstrike risks in the following ways:

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  • Risk Assessment/Audits

    Most aspects of the air transport industry are subjected to detailed risk analysis requiring the probabilities of a hypothetical and particular adverse event to be carefully calculated. Bird and wildlife risk assessment has not been a priority in the past but is fast emerging as an essential part of airport risk management.

    With a worldwide increase in aircraft flight speeds and frequency and a higher level of awareness and appreciation for conservation the incidence of bird strike increases and accordingly poses a serious threat to aircraft safety. Avisure are world renowned leaders in the field of bird and wildlife strike management and with an experienced team of experts have the capacity to carry out an industry endorsed risk assessment/audit.

    A risk assessm ent /audit involves a site visit by the Avisure team to assess the habitat and survey species present within airport premises and in close proximity of airport boundaries.  An audit of current bird and wildlife management practices is followed by an appraisal of bird and wildlife reporting procedures and a review of strike data. This includes the production of charts and tables to demonstrate their effectiveness and ease of interpretation. Finally the team will rank identified species according to the risk they pose to aircraft.

    The assessment/audit results are explained in detail at a meeting with the stakeholder and presented in a comprehensive report format. To monitor the effectiveness of current management and identify emerging risks and trends Avisure encourages organisations to implement regular risk assessment updates.

  • Strike Management Plans

    A vital and strategic step in bird and wildlife strike management is implementing an ongoing management plan following an onsite audit and risk assessment.

    An Avisure management plan can be adapted and implemented globally, specifically developed to target high and moderate risk species and locations identified on airport. Developed in collaboration with key airport staff the risk assessment provides management with guidance and detail to maximise a return on their investment. The Avisure training workshops provide further explanation and understanding of the processes involved to effectively develop and implement a plan.

    Avisure prioritises recommendations for improving bird and wildlife management including individual management plans for each of the most hazardous species and action plans for on and off airport locations that contribute most to bird/wildlife risk.

    An Avisure management plan establishes goals and key performance indicators (KPI’s) to allow the organisation to monitor and evaluate the plan’s implementation and its effectiveness. The development and the implementation of the plan will mimimise the likelihood of bird and wildlife strikes and form an integral support tool if litigation occurs following a significant strike incident.

    Strike Training Workshops

    Years of hands on experience and research has contributed to the development of a training program specifically for personnel involved in bird and wildlife strike management. From airport operators and safety regulators to airline staff, Avisure training workshops provide cutting edge solutions essential to effective bird and wildlife control.

    During the training program Avisure experts will introduce several units, discuss each at length, provide tangible examples and equip personnel with knowledge about the increasing importance of bird and wildlife controls and implementation of an ongoing management plan.

    The following units are covered in the training workshops:

    • Background to bird strikes
    • The Australian context
    • Review of Airport statistics
    • Bird identification
    • Strike reporting
    • Monitoring
    • Dispersal and culling
    • Habitat management
    • Off – airport hazards
    • International minimum best practice standards

    Works Safety Officers

    As an integral business component in the safety operation of airports Avisure provides ‘Works Safety Officers’ to complement their ongoing risk mitigation strategies and ensure a safe working environment for all during airport construction works and development.

    Under CASA regulations an airport undertaking construction activities is required to appoint work safety officers to ensure compliance with airport operating regulations and to monitor and enforce safety and security measures. The Avisure Works Safety Officer can provide appropriate levels of supervision, facilitate effective communication between airport construction stakeholders, issue and control visitor passes for workers without security clearance and provide airside vehicle escort services.

    Avisure Works Safety Officers have a thorough knowledge and experience in airport operations including the legal and safety requirements surrounding airport construction. We promote a pragmatic approach to construction projects that ensures minimal disruption of normal airport activity; allows construction teams to “get the job done”, yet affords maximum safety through rigorous adherence to the Regulations.

    Our specially trained officers also provided airports with the option to supplement their bird dispersal activities.

    The Avisure team is committed to working as an extension to the client’s team to achieve best results in the following areas:

    • Adherence to relevant safety and security requirements for works carried out in security restricted areas of all airports
    • Communication of safety and security requirements to all relevant stakeholders
    • Facilitation of work progress
    • Relationship management of key stakeholders involved in airport safety, security and construction activity
    • FOD sweeping

    Avisure’s experienced team each have:

    • Current Australia-wide ASICs
    • Authority to drive airside at several airports in fully equipped 4wd vehicles
    • Blue and Green ‘Construction safety induction’ cards
    • Aerodrome reporting officer training
    • Red ASICS, day/night authority to drive airside
    • Radio Telephone Operators Certificate
    • Specialised bird and wildlife training to disperse and remove wildlife hazards


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