Avtura Ltd.

Software Management Solutions & Consultancy for Airport Ground Handling Operations

AVTURA is an independent provider of technical airport software management solutions and Consultancy for airport ground handling operations.

AVTURA Software Solutions utilise the latest mobile technology using communications devices. AVTURA products provide assistance to airlines, airports and ground handling agents, to enable efficient and effective management and co-ordination of the aircraft turnaround process.

AVTURA provide improvements in the efficiency of airside operations and On-Time Performance, hence reducing delays and costs, maximising revenue, and ensuring a safe airside operating environment. The data collection service provides real-time operational data that can be re-used for performance monitoring, trend analysis, process re-design, and monitoring of third party service level agreements.

AVTURA Consultancy also adds significant value through our skills and experience of both the IT industry and the Airport/Airlines business to provide insightful and effective solutions within the airport ground handling environment.

Above all else AVTURA enables improved information dissemination throughout the operation, allowing for more effective decision making and an enhanced customer service experience for all.

Company Profile

  • AV RATT - Real-time Aircraft Turnaround Tool

    We understand your pain

    Paper-based processes, unreliable data, no real time visibility, tight margins – and our leading software solutions are proven to transform performance and profits.

    The AV RATT® Suite – comprises flexible tailored solutions for the aircraft turnaround, passenger services, ramp operations, and ground handling contract and billing management.

    AV RATT® turnaround tool is used to electronically manage all turnaround activities, enabling you to proactively address issues and improve on time performance. Seamless integration with all other airport systems via AV A2i to automate timestamps be it from DCS, BRS, ACARS, Ai Cameras or other systems to provide the most accurate and real-time picture of the turnaround at all times; hence improving ground time performance and the ability to auto-predict and adhere to A-CDM T-OBT calculations. Hence benefitting the airline, airport, ground handlers and most importantly – passengers.

    AV PAXenables all Passenger Services operations to be effectively managed and recorded for check-in, boarding gates, priority lounges and PRM activities. Ensuring that all services provided are accurately recorded and billed to improve invoice accuracy, increase revenues and reduce debtor days; whilst enhancing the partnership between ground handlers and their airline customers.

    AV RAMPallows for coordinated and precision managed ramp operations at the aircraft side. Capturing all services and operations as they happen in real-time either as part of a turnaround or as adhoc services; and ensuring all services get billed accurately hence reducing revenue leakage and improving bottom-line performance.

    AV BILLING Billing and invoicing is automated – no more need to spend hours manually entering tasks completed. Automated capture of turn types, ancillary services, bonus and rebates as well as disbursements. Ensuring improved invoice accuracy, increased revenues and reduced debtor days; whilst enhancing the partnership between ground handlers and their airline customers.

    RATT® is a SaaS solution, with 3 key elements

    1. Handheld devices with the AV RATT® applications installed onto it
    2. Web based operations and administration system
    3. AV RATT® cloud based database using a global hosting partner
  • AV D-ICE™ - Cold hard data to warm the heart of your operation

    Improving efficiency and profitibility

    The AV D-ICE product range is designed to transform the efficiency of airport 
de-icing operations; improving profitability as well as reducing the customer and reputational impact of bad weather.

    AV D-ICE Core enables de-icing service providers to electronically manage all de-icing events across their operations.

    • Recording and allocating de-icing requests
    • Recording all activities completed, including image capture
    • Automatically updating the operations system
    • Delivering an automated anti-icing message to the aircraft flight deck

    AV D-ICE Fluid electronically manages de-icing fluid stock levels, movements and re-ordering at each airport location.

    Fluid usage is tracked both in storage tanks and rigs/trucks and all fluid location and stock level information is available to managers, allowing them to make real-time decisions around fluid delivery and re-ordering; reducing the risks of stocks running low.

    D-ICE Pad enables efficient management of de-icing operations at a centralised de-icing facility or pad area.

    It delivers real-time situational awareness, allowing users to determine the optimum sequence for aircraft entering and leaving the de-icing facility.

    Billing made easy!

    Billing and invoicing is automated – no more need for some-one to spend hours manually enter all the jobs completed.

    Also with image capture and pre-approval captured for extra work you will be able to support any ancillary billing and deal with customer queries.

    AV D-ICE is a SaaS solution, with 3 key elements

    1. Handheld devices with the D-ICE application installed onto it
    2. Web based operations and administration system
    3. D-ICE cloud based database using a global hosting partner
  • AV CLEAN™ - Helping you manage, account for and ensure an approved aircraft clean

    Safety first
    Consistent and standardised aircraft cabin cleaning performance that provides confidence to both your passengers and crew that it is safe to take to the skies!

    Cabin cleaning
    Improved management of the cleaning process, tailored to the Customers needs, to ensure a consistent approach to the cleaning process. Providing accountability and auditing of all cabin cleans including extra sanitisation processes to account for Covid-19 cleaning acceptance. Availability of a cleaning declaration code for sanitised flights including chemical type, quantity, and areas completed which can be sent to the aircraft via ACARS or EFB to provide the crew information for the destination airport.

    Water Services
    Full management of the potable water and toilet water services, including the potable water declaration to ensure adherence to IATA Regulations, including the latest water sample lab result. Ability to monitor and record tank levels and uplift to enable the airline to benefit from weight and cost reduction. Data analytics to provide detailed information for planning purposes across flight sectors and PAX loads.

    Lost Property
    Capability to record and annotate discovered lost property as well as take photographic evidence of the find. Allowing the information to be stored for later retrieval, or to be transmitted to the airline representatives asap in order to try and reunite the item with the inbound PAX prior to them departing the airport.

    Stock & Asset Control
    Recording of all cleaning and cabin presentation products used, as well as equipment usage/breakage during the operation. Allowing for better stock control and JIT stock control & ordering; as well as improved accurate billing of all items used.

    AV CLEAN is a SaaS solution, with 3 key elements

    1. Handheld devices with the CLEAN application installed onto it
    2. Web based operations and administration system
    3. CLEAN cloud based database using a global hosting partner


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