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Software Management Solutions & Consultancy for Airport Ground Handling Operations

AVTURA is an independent provider of technical airport software management solutions and Consultancy for airport ground handling operations.

AVTURA Software Solutions utilise the latest mobile technology using communications devices. AVTURA products provide assistance to airlines, airports and ground handling agents, to enable efficient and effective management and co-ordination of the aircraft turnaround process.

AVTURA provide improvements in the efficiency of airside operations and On-Time Performance, hence reducing delays and costs, maximising revenue, and ensuring a safe airside operating environment. The data collection service provides real-time operational data that can be re-used for performance monitoring, trend analysis, process re-design, and monitoring of third party service level agreements.

AVTURA Consultancy also adds significant value through our skills and experience of both the IT industry and the Airport/Airlines business to provide insightful and effective solutions within the airport ground handling environment.

Above all else AVTURA enables improved information dissemination throughout the operation, allowing for more effective decision making and an enhanced customer service experience for all

Company Profile

  • RATT - Real-time Aircraft Turnaround Tool

    The Real-time Aircraft Turnaround Tool (RATT™) enables you to proactively manage your aircraft turnarounds. Information is captured at aircraft side during the turnaround process and is immediately sent to the airline/GHA Operations centre via a handheld PDA. You can monitor, report and act upon this information to maximise the efficiency and effectiveness of the turnaround and hence improve On-time Performance (OTP).

    Key Benefits

    RATT™ ensures you capture all the required information for billing purposes so you charge for all the services being provided and increase revenue.

    RATT™ ensures that all the required data will be captured and reported on, with a complete audit trail. This means that all services charged for and costs incurred will be fully visible, thereby supporting fees charged to your clients.

    RATT™ enables you to improve levels of service to your clients, enhances your reputation as a leader and innovator and improves your capability to win new contracts and retain existing customers.

    RATT™ enables you to improve your operational performance, provides high levels of service against existing service level agreements, reduces delay costs and minimises the potential impact of penalty charges.

  • Ease of use

    RATT™ has been designed to be a flexible tool to help you manage the turnaround  process effectively and efficiently.  It is intuitive,user friendly, and has simple to use screens with graphical prompts. It provides:

    • Time stamps of all turnaround services
    • Tailored individual flight profiles
    • Colour-coded alerts to highlight any problems.  (Graduated to show their importance)
    • Data collection, reporting and analysis services which store all operational data for future evaluation and  full management reporting
    • Accurate information for billing

    AVTURA’s Real-time Aircraft Turnaround Tool (RATT™) is designed to be:

    • Intuitive and easy to use
    • Used within a multi skilled team where both novice and expert have the same user experience

    The software consists of well structured input screens which are designed to be intuitive and simple to understand. Clear graphical representation and a colour coded alert system prompts the user to ensure that the ground handling operation ispro-actively managed.  All information relating to a specific aircraft turnaround can be easily found and actioned, speeding up the process and alerting the user to any critical events.

  • Data Management and Analysis

    Real-time Aircraft Turnaround Tool (RATT™) has been developed to provide full management of data collection, reporting and analysis functions to:

    • improve  quality control
    • monitor performance
    • enable trend analysis
    • control and effectively manage third-party service level agreements
    • provide accurate billing of scheduled and ad-hoc services

    The data provided gives you the opportunity to make cost savings and facilitate process re-design and business process re-engineering. The information is stored in the RATT™ database allowing analysis to aid future strategic/tactical planning and to assess company performance and adherence to your Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

    RATT™ ensures you capture all the required information for billing purposes so you charge for all the services being provided and increase revenue.  It will help you to accurately bill for both scheduled and ad-hoc services.

    RATT™ gives management real-time accurate information to monitor performance and quality in all areas of the turnaround operation. It provides:

    This system provides you with a dynamic and flexible reporting tool to proactively manage and control your ground handling operation.

    AVTURA stay with the customer while RATT™ matures with their organisation and offers further development for bespoke features and customisation.


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