BAA Airports Limited

The Worlds Leading Airport Company

BAA is a leading airport operator. We operate our airports in a way that seeks to meet the needs of passengers and airlines while at the same time providing an appropriate return on investment.

We are regulated on prices by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and the Competition Commission and by the Government and the CAA on all aspects of safety and security. We have a clear accountability to both public duty as well as to our passengers and our shareholders. BAA is owned by ADI Limited, a consortium led by Grupo Ferrovial, and also including Caisse de depot et placement du Quebec and GIC Special Investments.

We know that BAA is, and must be, a responsible custodian and developer of public assets, a good employer, a co-operative partner with government, an equitable partner to airlines, and a good neighbour in the communities where our airports are located, as well as an excellent business.

Company Profile

  • What we do

    BAA is a leading airport company and at the heart of a very complex business.

    We are involved in almost every aspect of the day-to-day running of six UK airports. We are considered a world leader in security and almost half our staff work in this area. We were also first to introduce 100% hold baggage screening at our airports.

    We are one of the largest commercial landlords in the UK, providing more than 1 million sq ft of commercial accommodation for around 900 airport retail organisations. We are one of the construction industry's largest clients, continually investing in new, often state-of-the-art buildings.

    We have our own 460-strong fire team to provide airside support across our airports.

    In whatever we do, we try to minimise our environmental impact and to be one of the leading companies in corporate responsibility.

    Thousands of people keep BAA running smoothly at our locations around the world. Supporting our dedicated teams are our management: the Board, Executive Committee and airport management. These individuals give our company strategic direction and, ultimately, aim to keep our customers and investors happy. We work closely with travellers to make sure we're giving them what they want. In fact, we conduct surveys to find out the views of about 70,000 passengers a year.


  • Who does what

    Running airports is a complex business and we need to work in partnership with many other organisations to deliver a high-quality service. For an at-a-glance guide to who does what, take a look around our interactive airport.


    • Responsible for checking passengers in, delivering hold baggage to its final destination, cargo, providing and fuelling aircraft, boarding passengers, passenger safety and on-board catering.

    Civil Aviation Authority (CAA)

    • Controls all flightpaths and aircraft routes at UK airports, and regulates airlines, airports and NATS air traffic services. The CAA also sets airport charges at the London airports.

    Commercial services

    • Individual businesses provide catering, shopping, car hire, car parking and banking services.

    HM Revenue & Customs

    • Controls the import and export of goods, and prevents illegal activities such as drugs, tobacco and alcohol trafficking and trades in endangered species and child pornography.

    UK Border Agency

    • Responsible for passport control and deciding who can enter the country. This service also deals with any deportation or asylum issues.


    • Looks after air traffic control and management, ensuring aircraft flying in UK airspace and over the eastern part of the North Atlantic are safely separated.

    Public transport operators

    • Many independently run bus, coach, taxi and rail companies provide connections to and from our airports

  • Our performance

    We're always aiming to provide a world-class service to our passengers and airlines. Here you can find out how we're doing in key areas.


    • Our monthly news releases on air traffic cover the number of passengers we serve and the number of air transport movements.


    • BAA delisted from the London Stock Exchange on 15 August 2006 and is now owned by Ferrovial.

    Customer service

    • We're always striving to exceed our customers' expectations.

    Corporate responsibility

    • Every year we report on our sustainability performance. This data and our performance is verified by independent consultants in Environmental Resource Management (ERM).


    • Our three London airports are price-regulated by the Civil Aviation Authority and the Competition Commission. Performance is reported to our regulator annually.


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