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Baggage Check Weighing Machines – ‘Prepare for Check In’

Baggage Check develops, installs, operates and supports vending solutions that enhance the airport environment. The Baggage Check Weighing Machines are ideally suited to the airport environment and provide a valued service to passengers. The machines reduce check in counter delays for passengers and airlines while generating extra revenues for the airport.

Tourists and other occasional passengers are most likely to arrive at the airport with little idea of how much their baggage weighs and how it relates to their allowances. With frequent queues to check in, these passengers can suffer significant anxiety and, if their bags are overweight, can tie up check in staff while arguing over the need for excess baggage charges or moving belongings out of their bags.

Baggage Check provides intuitive vending solutions to assist passengers with their airport check-in preparation:

  • Reducing stress and confrontations
  • Smoothing passenger flow
  • Supporting customer choice
  • Avoiding unnecessary penalties
  • Generating new revenues

Our services are designed specifically for the airport environment; supporting multiple languages and working to airport standards.

Our Baggage Check Weighing Machines provide free information on airline baggage allowances and excess baggage charges and are tailored to the airport terminal and displays the weight of the passenger’s baggage on a pay per weigh basis.

Company Profile

  • Baggage Check Weighing Machine Overview

    The Baggage Check Weighing Machine is specifically designed for the airport environment. At 2m tall, with a footprint of less than 1m2 and a touch screen control, it is styled to fit well into an airport and to attract passengers.

    The front of the machine is used to display simple instructions as well as providing security information on hand baggage regulations. The touch screen display is customised for each airport terminal to display the airline selection buttons in priority order and passengers can choose from over 20 languages. The weight of the bag is displayed in the centre of the screen. This is displayed as “0.0kg” before the bag is weighed to communicate to passengers as they approach that this is a weighing machine. As soon as the passenger puts their bag on the scale and inserts £1 (€1 in Euro zone countries) the bag weight is displayed.

    The coin receptor is programmed to accept 10p, 20p, 50p, £1 or £2 coins (50c, €1, €2 in Euro zone countries). No change is given but multiple bag weighs are permitted up to the value of coins inserted .

    Passenger Experience

    • Lighting and livery communicate function in crowded airports
    • Intuitive touch screen attracts passengers, is simple and fast to use
    • Airline allowances tailored to terminal reduce clutter and simplify selection
    • Languages, selected and ordered for terminal, ease passenger operation
    • Low vending charges enable passengers to weigh multiple bags, providing the opportunity to adjust weights and prepare for any excess baggage fees prior to check-in

    Airport Experience

    • Reduces check-in delays and confrontations by informing passengers prior to check-in
    • Raises new revenues through an airport share of the coin collections
    • Enhances airport environment through visual appearance and reduced passenger stress
    • Easy to locate with small footprint and only electricity supply required
    • Low maintenance – remotely monitored with proactive service support
  • Development of the Baggage Check Weighing Machine

    Over a year of work has been invested into developing the machines. Initial concept trials were conducted in Germany with a basic machine and, based on the trial results, a production model was developed. Five production model machines were installed in London Stansted Airport on 17th March 2009, three were placed in the Security Repack Area with the remainder in the check in zones. The machines worked well, with passengers using the machines intuitively. Over the first two months approximately one bag was weighed for every 25 outgoing passengers. The number of machines was increased to nine within the first three months with the extra machines all located close to the check in counters.

    Machines are now being deployed in other UK airports and the service is also operating successfully in three German airports (Frankfurt Hahn, Berlin Schönefeld and Lubeck).

  • Baggage Check Weighing Machine Supply and Support

    The machines are supplied and supported by Baggage Check Limited at no cost to the airport. The machine locations are determined through discussion with the airport, to maximise revenue and to ensure they fit with the flow of passengers through the airport. The machines have proved highly reliable and are monitored remotely through a 3G mobile broadband connection, most maintenance can be performed remotely. The support team is committed to a 24 hour response for on-site maintenance. The airport would be responsible for providing a suitable electrical supply (the machines require a standard 240 volt supply, draw less than 6 amps on start up, and less than 1 amp during normal use).

    The weigh scales are supplied and calibrated by Avery Weigh-Tronix, a leading international supplier to the aviation industry, to match the calibration of international standard check in counter scales. The machine carries the statement that it is for guidance purpose only to avoid any confusion with check in counter scales.

    Support is adapted to each airport and usually includes:

    • Liasion and on site visit to discuss with airport management the best locations for maximum customer accessibility and use
    • Regular usage reports supplied to airport management
    • Remote monitoring and management through mobile telecoms network
    • Airline allowance information monitoring and updating
    • Cash collection and banking
    • Cleaning and maintenance
    • UK based call centre to deal with customer questions and complaints and front line staff enquiries


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