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Airport Furniture Design Solutions - Check-in Desks, Airport Security Furniture

Airport Furniture Design Solutions – Through our design expertise and manufacture experience, we are accustomed to the demanding needs of Airport operators.  Building on the success of our involvement in the rail industry, Bakerbellfield have adopted the same rigid standards of product quality to bring airport furniture modules of exceptional style and durability.

Bringing together the different disciplines of design, joinery, solidsurface fabrication, polyurethane edging and metalwork, no project is outside of our scope.

All manufacture is completed in house in our purpose built production facility, using only the latest CNC technology, woodworking equipment, MIG & TIG welding machinery, and sophisticated injection moulding machines custom built for Bakerbellfield.

Our team consists of traditional craftsmen, and highly skilled technicians and engineers experienced in our manufacturing processes.  With the latest Solidworks Pro modeling package, Bakerbellfield’s design team can build on their expertise of airport furniture assembly to enable them to identify the limitations of a design even before its reached manufacture.

Bakerbellfield’s product experience includes:-
Check In Desks, Ticket Desks, Podiums, Security Compliance furniture, VAT counters, Monoliths.

Company Profile

  • Airport Furniture Design

    Our furniture design team consists of experienced product designers and mechanical design engineers.

    Understanding the processes and capabilities of Bakerbellfield’s manufacturing is essential to enable our design team to deliver the complexity of projects that challenge them daily.

    Using the latest Solidworks Pro modeling package, Bakerbellfield’s design team are able to create photo realistic rendering to enable you to visualise your product in its environment before the manufacturing begins.  Calling on a sophisticated components and parts library, their innovative furniture designs are created with ruthless efficiency.

    Our design team are responsible for:-

    • Rendering
    • Customer approval drawings
    • Manufacturing drawings
    • Setting out
    • Site measurements
    • Structural analysis calculations
    • First article inspections
    Airport Interior Solutions - Airport Furniture, Check-in Desks, Airport Security Furniture
  • Specialist Joinery & Solidsurface Fabrication

    Bakerbellfield has an experienced team of joiners & solidsurface fabricators, all CSCS registered to enable us to offer installation, ensuring complete control of product from design to hand over.

    We insist that our joiners are involved in a project from the outset, offering skilled carpentry advice to ensure manufacturing and installation is made easier.  Working with the latest CNC technology and woodworking machinery, our joinery team has the experience to deliver the most demanding projects.

    As approved fabricators of most of the leading solidsurface brands, our experience with this product is enhanced by the challenges our customers continue to put our way.  Solidsurface provides a low maintenance and long lasting alternative to some of the more conventional joinery & metalwork items.

    Bakerbellfield can offer thermoforming and moulded solidsurface options meaning our scope of works is unlimited with this material type.

     Airport Interior Solutions - Airport Furniture, Check-in Desks, Airport Security Furniture
  • Polyurethane Edging for Added Style & Durability

    Our polyurethane edged products are both durable and impact resistant, with a hermetical seal between the polyurethane edge and surface material, preventing bacteria traps and water ingress.  Integration of this edging system into Airport furniture means the life cycle extends past conventional systems.

    One of the many benefits of polyurethane edging is in the wide range of profile shapes that can be achieved.  Complex shapes, curves, rebates, grooves or simple lines can be all achieved.

    Skilled toolmakers ensure that every detail is correct and are responsible for supervising and proving the process through to the manufacture of the first 100% accurate shape from the tool.  Using a low pressure injection moulding system developed exclusively for Bakerbellfield, we inject the polyurethane mixture into the mould, in turn creating an edging around the predetermined shape.

    Airport Interior Solutions - Airport Furniture, Check-in Desks, Airport Security Furniture
  • Metalwork - Coded Welders & Certified Inspection Teams

    Through our Airport project experience, we have built an exceptional reputation in supplying specialist metalwork products to the Airport industry.

    Bakerbellfield’s welders are approved by external bodies to ensure we only produce the quality of product expected from the industries we work in.  Our coded welders are approved for stainless steel, aluminum, high tensile and mild steel.

    In order to meet our customer’s demands of quality assurance, as a minimum, the welding undertaken by our team conforms to the requirements of BS EN ISO 15613/15614-2:2005.  At the outset of each project we determine the types of welds required, and then ensure that external bodies approve our work prior to production.

    In addition, we ensur that our welders and their inspection team are certified to inspect the work we produce.  This means they have passed examinations in accordance with BS EN 970:1997, BS EN ISO 22553 & BS EN 5817.

    Airport Interior Solutions - Airport Furniture, Check-in Desks, Airport Security Furniture


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