BAYANAT AIRPORTS - Leading Airport Company in the Middle East

BAYANAT AIRPORTS Engineering & Supplies is the leading airport systems integrator in the region, specializing in Air Traffic Control systems, Runway systems and Terminal Systems, and is part of Bayanat Engineering Group, that was established in 1983 in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

As a leading Aviation Engineering company in the Arabian Gulf region, BAYANAT AIRPORTS has been helping its customers over the past two decades with the design, implementation and support of complex data telecommunication networks, communication systems and turnkey airports projects.

Company Profile

  • Introducing BAYANAT AIRPORTS....

    Since 1998, BAYANAT AIRPORTS has successfully executed a large number of major Airport Projects in the UAE and the Middle East Region.

    1. We specialize in seamlessly integrating the various technologies found in airports.
    2. We participate in the design of systems tailored to airports requirements that are efficient both from technical and commercial aspects.
    3. We select products suitable for deployment in airports environment that can be integrated with existing systems thus solving complex interfacing problems.
    4. We offer a unique combination of IT, networking and communications, electro-mechanical, and ATC talents in addition to our longstanding experience of Special Airport Systems.
    5. We have a highly skilled team of engineers who understand the challenges that fast growing Middle East airports are facing at present.

    BAYANAT AIRPORTS has an in-depth knowledge of ATC systems that are deployed in airports

    • Air Traffic Management Systems (ATM)
    • Communication, Navigation & Surveillance (CNS)
    • Collaborative Decision Making (CDM)
    • Digital Audio and Radar Recording and Playback Systems
    • Aeronautical Information System (AIS/AFTN)
    • UHF/VHF Communications
    • Integrated Display Systems
    • High Bright LCD (2K*2K)
    • Voice communication systems
    • Display Server & Graphics Visualization
    • TC Services, Training and Simulation Systems



    BAYANAT AIRPORTS specializes in the design, supply and commissioning of Special Airport Systems (Terminal Systems) that help passengers to smoothly move through the Terminal from Check- in till the departure and provide the airport staff with powerful tools that allow the control, monitoring and reporting of all terminal related services and activities.

    •  Airports Operation Database (AODB)
    •  Flight Information Display Systems (FIDS)
    •  Public Address Systems (PAS)
    •  Passenger Check In Boarding Solutions
    •  Gate Management Systems
    •  Baggage Reconciliation Systems (BRS)
    •  Resource Management
    •  Master Clocks System
    •  Voice over IP (VoiP) / IP telephony
    •  IT and Networking Solutions
    •  Total security solutions (CCTV / ACMS)
    •  Airport Management Systems



    BAYANAT AIRPORTS has a wealth of experience in Runway Systems, ranging from   Airfield Lighting to all the systems deployed on runways that allow the control, monitoring and reporting of landing, take-off and movement of all traffic related to runways, taxiways and aprons.

    • Airfield Lighting Systems
    • Mobile Airfield Lighting Calibration System
    • Runway & Taxiways Signage
    • Instrument Landing Systems
    • Frangible Safety Masts
    • Surface Movement Radar
    • Multilateration Systems
    • Distance Measuring Equipment
    • Apron Management Systems
    • Meteorological and Aviation Weather Systems
    • Vehicle monitoring system


Bayanat Airports Engineering & Supplies
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