BETA Fueling Systems

Airport Refuelling Equipment

For over 40 years, BETA Fueling Systems has lead the aviation industry in the manufacture of safe, reliable refueling equipment for world’s most demanding military and commercial aviation customers.

Every unit we manufacture begins with a confirmed understanding of our customer’s technical requirements, operational objectives, and delivery expectations that are mission-critical to their success.

Our LEAN, cellular manufacturing processes ensure adherence to those standards, and result in the final product built with engineered precision, and delivered on-time under the most demanding requirements.

From hydrant dispensers to aviation refueling modules and fuel filter vessels, BETA is the leader in providing the best overall value and exceeding our customer’s expectations.

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Company Profile

  • Aircraft Refuellers, Hydrant Refuelling Trucks & Carts

    Performance & Precision
    BETA Fueling Systems has incorporated the perfect blend of Military Precision and Commercial Efficiency to produce world leading quality and design in all our refueling products.  With over 40 years of focus and innovation in the aviation fueling industry, BETA Fueling Systems has grown to become the world leader in aviation refueling equipment.

    Standard Design
    BETA Fueling Systems’s manufacturing plants utilize best in class LEAN cellular manufacturing for high quality, repeatable designs.  Nobody produces high volume refuelers more cost effectively, with shortest lead time and best in class ‘2-Year’ limited warranty.

    Modular Design
    BETA Fueling Systems’s Fuel Module design is the first of its kind and has an average working life of 30+ years.  It is designed to outlast its original chassis, allowing our customers to “re-chassis” the unit by simply removing the tank and module and installing on a new chassis.


  • Hydrant Refuelling Trucks, Dispenser Trucks, Hydrant Carts

    BETA Fueling Systems has more equipment servicing more countries all around the world.

    Refueling Trucks

    Jet-A / Jet-A1 refueling trucks with tank capacities from 1,000 Gallons to 10,000 Gallons (3.7 Kl to 37 Kl) dispense fuel up to 600 GPM.

    Hydrant Dispenser Trucks

    BETA Fueling Systems hydrant dispenser trucks dispense up to 800 GPM.  Optional hydraulic fueling lift basket for wide body aircraft.

    Hydrant Carts

    Solar powered narrow body static carts and wide body carts with hydraulic fueling lift basket.


  • AvGas Refuelers, Ramp Servicers & Refueling Platform Ladders

    AvGas Refuelers

    AvGas refuelers up to 3000 gallon capacity.

    Ramp Servicers

    1200 gallon fuel truck to service and fuel ramp equipment.

    Refueling Platform Ladders

    Single or dual height refueling platforms with integrated fueling nozzle assembly.



  • Fuelling Modules

    BETA Fueling Systems specializes in the large scale manufacture of fueling modules for integration onto nearly any suited chassis located anywhere around the world.  Delivering the most cost effective and reliable in-country solution to our customers.


    • Our in-country integration partners benefit from 40 years of fueling expertise in the BETA Fueling Systems fueling module.
    • State of the art technology and reliability in a single turn-key solution.
    • Local Partners are trained by the specialized BETA Fueling Systems Integration & Certification program.
    • Customers benefit by in-country acquisition in local currency and after sales support.
    • In-country chassis stays in-country, with final vehicle assembly in-country.


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