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400Hz, 270VDC, 28VDC, Aircraft PC Air, POP-UP PITS, Contracting

B GSE Group is a Tier 1 systems supply integration company. B GSE specializes in all types of power conversion such as 400Hz, 270VDC, 28VDC Point of Use and Central Systems as well and Mobile Electric and Diesel Units.

B GSE Group manufactures Pop Up Pits, and all types of Service Pits including aviation rated pits for PC Air, 400Hz power, 270VDC power, 28VDC power, and other convenience receptacles such as 120v 220v 400v and 480v volt, ship air, water, lav, potable water and so many more. We also manufacture fuel pits. These are for indoor and outdoor use.

B GSE Group supplies PC Air Units from 10 ton to over 150 ton units in three different type technologies. Direct expansion, air handler, and hybrid boost units that combines the DX and AHU technologies.

All systems B GSE Group sells includes engineering stamps, all accessories including piping, wiring, installation, training, commissioning warranties and service contracts.

As a Tier one contractor we can bond and insure out work and guarantee completion of some of the most complicated scopes of work which we have done over 100 times before.

Company Profile

  • Cool Jet Pre-Conditioned Air 15-150 Ton Rating

    B GSE Group sells Point-of-Use (DX), Air Handler (Central Systems) units from 15 – to 150-tons, DX Boost units for indoor hangar applications and extreme outdoor ambient temperatures that are designed for maximum efficiency, reliability and ease of maintenance in any airport, airline or military application.

    B GSE Group provides customers with comprehensive package of ground support product lines that include Power, PITS and PCAIR systems.

    All units are equipped with a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) to reduce blower speeds for substantial energy savings, remote monitoring, minimal defrost cycles and noise. The units are designed with optimal coil and compressor circuitry, which aids in lowering operating costs as well.

    Removable side panels allow interior access to the unit for easy maintenance. With over 20 years of manufacturing experience, customer feed back and specialized industry knowledge, B BGSE Group CoolJet PC Air are the most advanced and efficient units in the aviation industry which results in a significant cost savings for long-term upkeep.

    All DX units use R410-A refrigerant, widely considered to be the most environmentally friendly and efficient throughout the industry.

    To place an order for our Pre-Conditioned Air product line or to inquire about system packages contact sales@bgsegroup.com

  • Pop Up Pits, EZ Access Pits, PC Air & Air Start Pits

    BGSE Group is the exclusive world-wide distributor and marketing arm for USS Service pits.

    USS manufactures 400HZ, 28VDC, and 270VDC aircraft power hatch pits and E/Z Access (pop up type) for commercial and military applications.

    USS is known for being number one in fueling pits but they also have a full line of water, waist and hydrant pits as well.

    Also, BGSE Group is proud to supply PC Air and air start pits. USS, provided to you by BGSE Group, is known for quality, durability and design flexibility.

    We will work on custom combination pits and other common accessory pits.

  • Large Power Units

    BGSE Group provides large 400HZ, 60HZ and 50HZ power converters manufactured for BGSE Group to meet complicated customer needs.

    From 180KVA to 1000KVA and larger, BGSE Group can provide complete systems to include 575V and 975V output 400Hz converters, low voltage 50HZ to 60Hz converters, gate boxes, active line drop compensators and distribution panels.

    Our extensive experience in these types of systems and the full line and capabilities of our suppliers will ensure you a complete and robust large power systems.

  • PCAir 20-ton to 150-ton

    BGSE Group is one of the worlds most experienced suppliers of aircraft air units. From high volume direct expansion (DX) and DX Boost, Central Air Handlers (AHU), and high-pressure military air units (HPU) our portfolio of products meet and exceed all of our customers needs.

    Our designs are commissioned, proven and used all over the world and they work and work well. BGSE Group supplies diesel mobile units from 30-ton to 120-ton as well as electric units from 20 to 150-tons. These mobile units are the industries most robust and high performing in the industry.

    BGSE Group has both a strong commercial and military customer following all of our units have all the strong military performance enhancements provided to our commercial customers. These units PC Air units can also be supplied with 28VDC, 90KVA, 180KVA and 270VDC power units.

    All of these units can also be operated without running the diesel engine by simply plugging the unit into an electrical power source.


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