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Wheels and Castors for Airport Applications

Blickle started to produce high quality wheels & castors in 1953 and has developed into one of the leading manufacturers of wheels & castors worldwide. This is due to an unsurpassed attention to reliability and innovation.

Airport applications present particular challenges for the use of products therefore a strong and reliable partner is of great importance. Blickle combines industry expertise, efficiency and state-of-the-art technology with one goal: to develop and produce the best wheel, the best castor for every application.

No matter what you require, if its guide rollers, light duty or synthetic castors, fork lift wheels, castors for transport equipment, heavy duty castors or pallet truck rollers. The large Blickle standard range with more than 20.000 wheels, swivel and fixed castors ranging from 15 kg to 20 tons can offer the best solution for every airport application.

Sometimes special operating conditions on the ground or in the air require special solutions. Working closely with the customer Blickle is able to efficiently design and produce custom-made specially constructed wheels & castors.

Company Profile

  • Blickle Wheels for Airport Applications

    Blickle wheels are available in a great variety of different materials and with load capacities ranging from 15 kg to 20 tons.

    Blickle offers wheels with the following tread materials:

    • Rubber tyred wheels
    • Polyurethane tyred wheels
    • Plastic wheels
    • Metal wheels

    The often particularly tough operating conditions at airports require high quality, maintenance free and durable wheels.

    Although the Blickle standard range comprises of an extensive line of wheels Blickle designs and produces custom-made products for specific requirements.

    Decades of experience, technical expertise and the desire to provide the optimum solution for every application makes Blickle an indispensable partner for your requirements.


  • Blickle Castors for Airport Applications

    Blickle castors are used in nearly every industry throughout the world and have proven themselves with their outstanding performance in tough environments.

    Ranging from light duty and synthetic castors which for example can be used for light duty applications such as cleaning machines or light transport trolleys, to transport equipment castors which can be used on material supply vehicles at airports, up to heavy duty castors for aircraft maintenance devices and luggage trolleys.

    With its wide range Blickle offers the best solution for almost every application.

    Our stainless steel castors complete the extensive range and offer reliability even in wet areas.

  • Blickle Guide Rollers + Rollers and Wheels for Pallet Trucks

    Blickle Wheels + Castors offers an exceptionally comprehensive range of guide rollers, rollers and wheels for pallet trucks.

    Different polyurethane treads have been created to fit the diverse operating conditions. Four alternative treads are available:

    • Blickle Softhane®
    • Blickle Extrathane®
    • Blickle Besthane®
    • Blickle Besthane® Soft

    For further information please visit us at or contact our fantastic customer service team.

  • Blickle - Think Mobility

    Reliability is not a matter of perspective. Quality is the basis of our success. The confidence of our customers is of paramount importance to Blickle:

    This confidence is based on hard work, quality and reliability.

    The high standard of Blickle continuously guarantees you a superior quality.

    The Blickle brand is synonymous with quality and reliability all over the world.

    This is why we were the first Wheel & Castor Manufacturer to be certified with ISO 9001 in 1994, which has been regularly updated ever since.

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