BMP Europe Ltd

Airport Baggage Reclaim Carousel Slats, Airport Escalator & Elevator Wheels/Rollers

BMP is a Global Company specialising in the manufacture and conversion of Engineered Polyurethane Elastomers, Mechanical Components and custom mouldings for use in a wide range of industrial applications and equipment.

BMP manufacture and supply Airport Baggage Reclaim Carousel Slats, Slat hanger wheels and snow plow scraper plates to OEM equipment manufacturers worldwide.

Company Profile

  • Baggage Reclaim Carousel Slats

    The movement of raw materials and the delivery of baggage in airports require the use of advanced materials that are safe to use, hard wearing, non marking and have high in-service reliability. BMP has developed a range of polyurethane elastomers for use in transporting and protecting a wide range of materials such as delicate clay products, fragile ceramics, and glass through to baggage.

    BMP Baggage Reclaim Carousel Slats are manufactured from our own bespoke formulated polyurethane material and exhibit exceptional abrasion, impact and chemical resistance making it an ideal solution where low maintenance high service life cycles are desired.

  • Advantages Of BMP Polyurethane Slats/Mouldings

    BMP Polyurethane slats can be moulded into complex shapes as per our customers requirements. Our in house engineers will design and produce inexpensive mould tools to your specific slat design which if required can incorporate your company logo. Our aluminum coated moulding tools are typically a third of the cost when compared to injection mould tools.

    BMP provide a fast turnaround service working closely with our customers on each individual project in turn providing a fast cost effective slat solution far superior to the current EPDM equivalent.

    Our material is zero marking to baggage, low friction which reduces energy consumption, class 2 fire resistant and abrasion resistant for long life.

  • Baggage Reclaim Carousel Slat Hanger Wheels

    BMP Baggage Reclaim Carousel wheels are made using 50% glass filled polypropylene moulded cores for high strength and are then over moulded with our low wear, low noise polyurethane for long life and smooth stop start operation.

  • Airport Snow Plow Scraper Plates

    BMP offer a bespoke long lasting scraper plate solution for Airport Snow plows. Each Snow Plow Scraper Plate is made from high grade ultra abrasion resistance Viper polyurethane material in any colour of your choice.

    We provide a swift turn around for plow scraper plates which we manufacture to fit your specific plow type.


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