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Airport LED Lights for Signage, Wayfinding, Advertising and Architectural Features

Airport LED Lighting – backlit advertising, illuminated signage and architectural features – has become a specialist area of expertise for Bright Green Technology. We have shown the way at international hubs from LHR to KUL via DXB, saving costs and emissions at every stage.

Dubai, for example, processes 63 million passengers per year, more than any other hub. People often stay for hours and it’s a long way between key points. Efficient wayfinding is critical – which is why the architects specified Bright Green Beam LED’s throughout all terminals. We also light thousands of advertising sites both outside and within the world’s airports helping brands shine in this critical space.

Bright Green Technology Airport LED Lighting Systems

We are LED lighting experts who help customers all over the world improve the quality of whatever they need to illuminate. We provide LED systems to illuminate backlit media, signage, retail displays and architectural features.

With us so much comes as standard:

  • Technical expertise – Our technical team is on hand throughout the entire process, from initial conception via design and protoryping through to rollout
  • Project management – We understand that ROI is vital to any project. We always look for ways to increase efficiency, improve illumination and reduce costs
  • Innovating thinking – Engineering is at the heart of what we do. All of our products have been specifically designed for their application

We are practical, hands on people who understand both state-of-the-art lighting technology and the realities of your business, placing the emphasis on trusted advice and ongoing professional consultancy.

If you’re looking to bring clarity to an international hub, you should really check in with us.

Company Profile

  • LED Lights for Airport Advertising

    Our most popular LED backlighting system for outdoor advertising is Bright Green Matrix™. Benefits of using Matrix over florescent tubes or a typical 6 x 3 unit.

    • Power saving – 81%
    • Operating cost reduction – 80%
    • Carbon reduction – 7 tonnes
    • Bright, stripe free illumination.

    If you’re considering switching to LEDs for a new build display or planning a retrofit program, return on investment is likely to be the most critical parameter.

    Whenever we start discussing a new project, return on investment is the first item we look at – we know that this is the key to success and we aim to be open and straightforward.

    Read more about the business case for LED backlighting in airport advertising (PDF).

  • LED Lights for Airport Wayfinding

    For wayfinding signage we use Bright Green Beam™. Benefits of using Beam instead of fluorescent tubes:

    • Break-even – 18 months
    • Overall cost saving – 43% over 5 years
    • No maintenance
    • Bright, stripe free illumination.

    Using our LED lighting system airports will achieve an average overall cost saving of 43% compared to fluorescent tubes, thanks to fast installation and the reduced power consumption of the LED lighting over its lifetime.

    Read more about the business case for LED lighting for wayfinding in our Dubai Airport Case Study

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