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Hostile Vehicle Mitigation solutions to protect Critical National Infrastructure and crowded locations

Bristorm specialises in the design and manufacture of Hostile Vehicle Mitigation fences and bollards all tested and rated at MIRA and TRL to BSI PAS 68, BSI PAS 170, IWA 14 and ASTM F2656. These Hostile Vehicle Mitigation solutions are designed to secure critical national infrastructure, crowded and commercial locations from vehicle borne attacks; Bristorm are focused on delivering high quality and high performance products that do not hinder architectural, financial or operational requirements.

Bristorm have an established presence in the high security market and have a recognised brand across the Middle East and the UK. It is essential that perimeter and HVM security solutions are suitable to combat today’s threats and those of the future. But Bristorm understand that products should be specified in line with the perceived threat faced, therefore ensuring an appropriate and cost effective system is implemented. Therefore, Bristorm have a range of aesthetic Street Furniture covers that complement all Impeder and Stopper Bollards, tested to BSI PAS 68 and BSI PAS 170, to ensure they can be integrated into any environment.

Bristorm is a trading division of Hill & Smith Ltd, the UK’s leading manufacturer of highway safety barriers. Accredited with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, the organisation is recognised for engineering, manufacturing and sourcing environmental standards on a wide range of fully tested Hostile Vehicle Mitigation Products (HVMP) and perimeter security products to the Public Available Specification PAS68.

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  • Bristorm HVM Fence

    The Bristorm HVM wire rope fence range are designed to meet the specific threat of penetrative / ram attack by Vehicle Borne Improvised Explosive Devices (VBIED), all tested to BSI PAS 68 or ASTM F2656-07.

    Bristorm 30, 40, 50 and LP fences consist of substantial main anchors, galvanized steel wire ropes and lightweight line posts, the Bristorm fence can withstand vehicle ramming attacks at 90 degrees to the fence line, absorbing the energy of the impact before repelling the vehicle and maintaining the vital stand-off distance.

    The Bristorm Integrated Vehicle Personnel ( IVP) fence employs a dual post system that connects a standard anti-personnel fence to any of the standard Bristorm fences, allowing vehicular impact protection up to 7500kg at 50mph (80km/h). Combining the benefits of Bristorm fence with standard anti-personnel fence types allows massive flexibility at minimal cost. The Bristorm IVP brings Hostile Vehicle Mitigation (HVM) and anti-personnel protection into a single foundation without altering the performance of either system. This allows the IVP to sit significantly closer to that which it protects, meaning that it can be utilised across a vast number of sites and situations where distance between perimeter and asset is limited.

    Bristorm Zero is the latest High Performance Anti Ram crash (HVM) rated security barrier/fence from Hill & Smith Ltd. It is fully tested and rated to ASTM F2656 M50 P1 and offers Zero penetration and Zero Major Debris by the attacking vehicle. Designed, developed and manufactured in the UK its quality and high performance can be relied upon to protect your valuable site and asset.

  • Bristorm Beam Perimeter Fence

    Bristorm Beam is a new and innovative perimeter security barrier comprising a specially developed double height beam used in combination with tensioned wire ropes. It is a robust, shallow depth barrier that can withstand an impact from a 7500kg truck travelling at 30mph. Although superficially resembling a corrugated highway barrier, Bristorm Beam shares no major components with the lower rated highway safety systems.

    Developed to meet the needs of sites where underground services limit the depth of excavation, the Bristorm Beam is an economical and steadfast alternative to bollards and fences. End anchors have a foundation depth of only 500mm and in many cases line posts are secured to an existing surface by chemical anchors. If a suitable surface is not present then a simple shallow beam foundation is all that is required.

    The minimum installed length is 24m. There is no theoretical limit on the distance between anchor points however Bristorm recommends a maximum spacing of 200m to allow the easy tensioning of the ropes.

  • Bristorm Impeder Bollards

    The Bristorm Impeder Bollards are tested and rated to BSI PAS 68 and IWA 14 – 1 and have been developed to complement the Bristorm anti-vehicle fence. Manufactured from steel tube and cast into a reinforced concrete foundation, Bristorm Impeder Bollards can be installed individually, in small groups, or as a complete perimeter line to ensure the protection of pedestrians, infrastructure and asset throughout.

    The bollards are positioned so that the gap between neighbouring bollards is no more than 1200 mm. The flexibility of Bristorm Impeder Bollards allow complex areas to be protected economically, and provides an easy way of increasing the security of small awkward areas. Bollards have the useful feature of being able to allow pedestrians to pass through the perimeter with the minimum of obstruction, but yet provide an effective countermeasure to unauthorised vehicle access.

    Bristorm Bollards can stop a 7500kg truck at 50mph. Designed to withstand direct impact energies in excess of 1,800kJ, the bollard provides protection from extreme Vehicle Borne Improvised Explosive Device (VBIED) attack to sites where aesthetics and public perception are a consideration. The new Bristorm Shallow Bollard has been developed for installation above services providing discrete protection against hostile vehicles. It has a foundation depth of just 400mm and can stop a 7500kg truck travelling at 30mph. Ideal for areas where services prevent deeper foundation products from being used.

  • Bristorm Stopper Bollards

    Bristorm Stopper Bollards are tested and rated to BSI PAS 170 and are cost-effective Hostile Vehicle Mitigation measures that will mitigate a 2500KG vehicle travelling at speeds up to 20 mph.

    They are designed to protect crowded and vulnerable locations from slow moving errant vehicles, when impact is caused on an intentional or accidental basis. They offer a guaranteed level of protection particularly when compared to untested systems, meaning pedestrians, asset and infrastructure can be protected from a collision.

    All Bristorm Street Furniture sleeves will sit comfortably over any Stopper and Impeder Bollard to allow for the introduction into any commercial environment.

  • Bristorm HVM Street Furniture

    Bristorm’s new range of HVM Street Furniture has been developed to provide aesthetically pleasing anti-vehicle protection to the street scene, crowded places, high profile locations and city centres. The core of these designs are tested and rated at MIRA and TRL to BSI PAS 68 therefore high quality and high performance systems can be implemented to protect pedestrians and infrastructure from a vehicle borne attack. The range is inclusive of Cycle Hoops, Living Walls and Planters all finished as standard in stainless steel, making them ideal front of house protection.

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