Large Portable Inflatable Structures And Hangars for Airports

Buildair inflatable structural solutions – Your ideal solution:

BUILDAIR design, manufacture, install and maintain large size inflatable structures for aeronautical and industrial applications.

BUILDAIR manages the complete lifecycle of the product: not only the supply (including engineering and manufacturing) but also the maintenance and technical support by our experts team, throughout the total life of the structure. Continuous support 24/7.

BUILDAIR’s modular structures are formed by independent structural tubes, enjoy safety redundancies (e.g., every tube is powered by 2 independent inflation motors), and maintain their structural stability, even with several damaged / inoperative tubes (which can be easily repaired or replaced).

Buildair structures are usually idoneous for most of the aviation and industrial applications (airports, airlines, maintenance MRO companies), due to their outstanding characteristics and advantages.

No more flexibility can be achieved than with an inflatable structure like BUILDAIR’s. Specially designed to fit your requirement during the complete life cycle of the structure.

Maintenance of BUILDAIR structures is simple and adapted to your project requirements.


Temporary inflatable hangars and structures

BUILDAIR hangars can be used to cover any vehicle or aircraft in a safe, comfortable, flexible and economic way. From the smallest private aviation jets or helicopters, to the largest commercial aircrafts, including military vehicles, satellites, …