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Public Space Equipment Solutions

BURRI public elements is a Swiss family-run company, currently managed by the fourth generation, with a tradition that dates back 108 years. We are dedicated to Public Space Equipment Solutions.

Our Public Space Equipment Solutions range of products and services covers:

  • Clever and stylish solutions for furniture.
  • Barrier systems.
  • Waste systems, Parking facilities.
  • Advertising and information systems.
  • Signage and guidance systems.
  • Transport technology and lighting.

Our range currently comprises 100 product lines and a large number of individually developed tailored solutions available in small quantities.

Our public elements represent us in various national and international projects such as the Athletes’ Village in London, the Metropolitan Museum in New York, as well as the airport in Zurich.

Company Profile

  • Passenger Service and Access Infrastructure

    Our furniture for the public space such as benches, chairs, armchairs, stools, lounges and tables, has high quality, a timeless design and clever functions. We have created our products together with designers and ergonomics experts, to reach the best possible design and seating comfort. Especially suitable for the needs of the passengers at airports are:

    BURRI 02 benches, chairs, armchairs, stools and lounges, Landi benches, Campo benches, Circular and polygonal benches, Standing bench 600, Stella, Playtime, Evolution and Teo folding seat.

    The BURRI Public Bollard barrier post system is the intelligent way to block and define pedestrian areas, parking spaces, parking lots or any other areas in or around the airport. The twist-lock and the predetermined breaking point have a long-term savings effect.

    The recommended products for airports are:

    BURRI Uni- and Millenium-type Public Bollards, Public Bollard System, BURRI Public Bollard – low-floor bollard and Stainless Steel Indoor or Outdoor bollard.

    BURRI has developed a multi functional waste management system for public spaces. Thanks to an adjustable cushioning cylinder the bin tilts into removal position without pull due to its dead weight. The inner aluminium container can then be removed and emptied easily.

    The available products are:

    Public Bin 50 L, Public Bin 110 L, Public Ashtray and Dog Bin bag dispenser (for the Public Bin).

  • Promotion and Commercials

    Airports handle millions of travelers annually. Aesthetics, a high usability and perfect illumination of all advertising and info systems are important factors for long-term benefits. BURRI has a variety of different solutions:

    City Lights monitor steles, City Lights Steles, City Lights LK4000, City Lights AK4000, Large-scale light boxes (in all formats; one side or double-sided), Branding Wall, Megaposter, Arrival Zurich Airport (advertising light boxes), Rollingstar2000L (Poster light boxes with automatically changing motifs), Soleil (poster panel) and Small poster pillar.

  • Public Transport Infrastructure

    Bicycles, kickboards, longboards, skateboards as well as other devices for other human-powered mobility (HPM) are extremely practical and popular. But all too frequently, these can result in out-and-out parking chaos. With our HPM parking solutions, customers can quickly find the right variant for their needs.

    The covered bike racks HPM ZERO BIKE were developed in connection with the “Glattalbahn” tram stop infrastructure. The racks offer space for 10 or 20 bikes.

    The Cykelog is the elegant, uncomplicated bicycle stand for public areas. Designed by Jacob Johan Würtzen, the Cykelog is the ideal balance between user-friendliness, efficient use of space and aesthetic considerations.

    Kick scooters and Skateboards are used everywhere and are established as a simple way of transportation for kids, youngsters and adults. The difficulty in providing an adequately functional, shapely and inexpensive parking solution which is easily used by all age groups is unsolved until now. With its distinct graphical appearance, KickboardZ and SkateboardZ elegantly conform to all these requirements and confidently blends into all environments. Kick scooters and Skateboards can be locked up.

    The BURRI transport stops and shelters are the ideal solution for the public transport to the airport.

    The HSI ZERO Shelter System contains bus shelters with sidewalls. Numerous options such as side wind-protection, seats, lighting, display cases and illuminated poster cases complete the modular system.

  • Signage Information and Lighting

    BURRI has developed different signage and traffic guidance systems for airports. When we are guided through airports, the matter of signage is so much more than a hospitable gesture. Alongside visitor perception, signage is also about business. This can only be conducted properly if the customer, passenger or visitor is specifically able to find their destination.

    The BURRI SIGNAGE AIRPORT (indoor and outdoor) system is a modular construction system, which meets the aesthetic and technical requirements of airports and prestigious public buildings with a multiplicity of the most diverse sizes and mounting methods. Fitted with the BURRI Swiss Economy LED light dispersion panel, the BURRI Signage System is convincing through the perfect light distribution at a minimal overall depth.

    The BURRI SIGNAGE BUILDING is a high quality, multi purpose signage system for public buildings.

    The signpost for outdoor areas provides orientation in four directions with a maximum of four destinations per direction. Special foundation base units are recessed flush with the ground for easy assembly and disassembly, depending on outdoor direction requirements.

    The mobile F4 twin-sided stele is used to provide additional event-specific information in indoor areas. The F4 subject and head sections are easy to change in seconds without any need for tools.

    Serving to provide specific information on outdoor events and designed in the same style as the mobile indoor steles, the outdoor steles with their stable frame construction and exposed concrete base have been developed for installation in outdoor areas.

    The advent of LED technology has also heralded entirely new opportunities in other areas such as advertising technology, outdoor furniture or major architectural projects. We have all necessary know-how in the development, production, installation and maintenance of individually designed lighting solutions for all areas of the public domain.

    With its optimized LED-Matrix, the METRO luminaire has a very precise and even spread of light with very little glare and low energy consumption. An important factor regarding durability is sophisticated heat management. The compact luminaire transfers the heat from the LED to the METRO housing, which acts as a heat sink.

    Other products from the BURRI airport lighting assortment are: BURRI shop front system (super-flat), BEAM (downlight), BURRI Rectangular Tube Light (1.5 to 2.8m), LIVING ROOM LED, FLAT (LED downlights), Bright Stripes (uniform illumination of large areas) and Public Light (with reflector).


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