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Casper is a privately held innovative IT company specialized in the development of real-time location-based monitoring and analysis tools. Casper delivers airport noise monitoring and flight tracking systems, A-CDM situational awareness solutions and interactive community involvement websites.

At Casper, we believe it is essential to provide all stakeholders the right information at the right time in a format everyone understands. By visualizing the impact of traffic operations Casper supports sustainable decision-making and considers the affected stakeholders. We also believe in the power of enduring relations, which we demonstrate through our service level and open way of working. This mind-set is deeply rooted in our team of IT and aeronautical experts.

Casper products are easy to access and user-friendly through its web-based approach and intuitive design. Our solutions support operations at airports like Schiphol, Gatwick and Frankfurt, through real-time visualisations, the sharing of information and effective measurements & analysis.

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Company Profile

  • Casper Noise Monitoring

    Casper Noise is an integrated solution for noise management that supports efficient noise monitoring, analysis, reporting and communicating on the environmental impact of airport operation.

    It includes modules for

    • Flight Monitoring – registering and analysing flight paths and flight plans
    • Noise Monitoring – registering noise events and correlating it to the right aircraft
    • Track Monitoring – monitoring adherence to (noise abatement) procedures
    • Complaint Management – registering, monitoring and analysing aircraft noise complaints

    The complete Casper Noise suite is one tool that does it all, but because of its modular design it can be customizable and configure to your needs.

    Casper Noise allows the user to get all essential information of aircraft in one overview: Its noise impact, adherence to noise abatement procedures and if there were any complaints about the flight.

    This is airport noise monitoring made easy. The complete Casper Noise suite or individual modules are used by airports like Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, Gatwick Airport, Rotterdam-The Hague Airport and Leeds-Bradford International Airport.

    Key Reasons to Choose Casper Noise:

    • Web-based solutions supporting a low total cost of ownership approach and reduces IT resource requirements.
    • Quick implementation and easy installation.
    • System usability: system speed and user-friendly for both generalists and specialists alike providing flexibility to your Noise department.

  • Casper CDM

    Casper CDM is an airport geographical situational awareness solution to support A-CDM objectives. It enhances real time strategic and tactical decision-making as well as supporting the cultural change involved with the implementation of A-CDM.

    Casper CDM helps to capture the imagination of the stakeholders by going beyond tables and A-CDM abbreviations and to show what is happening at the airfield. As such, it also contributes to safety on the airfield.

    With Casper CDM, the airport gets a real-time overview of the aircraft and vehicle movements on the airfield. It provides different stakeholders with the real-time data of transponder equipped aircraft and vehicles. It is a combination of various map configurations and a search- and selection pane to determine how and what to display.

    We designed Casper CDM according to following principles:

    • Usability

    Casper CDM is easily accessible from multiple locations, fast, visual and user-friendly.

    • Cost effective

    Casper CDM is very cost effective in configuration, installation and maintenance. No local installation is required, supporting a low total cost of ownership approach.

    • Advanced functionality

    All track information is stored very efficiently for multiple years, enabling instant playback and post-processing. Analysis functionalities can easily be added: such as KPI dashboards, reporting functionalities and airport infrastructure fatigue monitoring.

    Casper CDM is an essential element in Amsterdam Airport Schiphol’s and London Gatwick’ Airport’s A-CDM portal to provide all stakeholders the real-time geo-graphical situation of the airfield.

  • Casper Noise Lab & Casper Flight Tracking

    Communication about aircraft movements and noise levels is a key part of the responsibilities of an airport towards its surrounding communities. Casper Noise Lab and Casper Flight Tracking provide a transparent and interactive way of sharing information with the local communities. This approach supports the reduction of the number of questions and complaints concerning airport operations and contributes to public support for airport activities. Casper Noise Lab and Casper Flight Tracking integrate seamlessly with Casper Noise

    Casper Noise Lab
    Casper Noise Lab is a new and innovative way of sharing relevant information to the public in an interactive, transparent and educative way.  It is in interactive web-portal for airports to communicate on up-to-date airport activities.

    Casper Noise Lab consists of:

    • A home page providing an essential overview of current important operational aspects such as runway use, weather, operational messages and the latest statistical information.
    • A data browser for analysis purposes using historical noise and flight information.
    • An interactive map to provide information on flight distributions corridors and even the number of flight near an over a specific address.
    • A Content Management System to add additional information and news.

    For a demonstration using your own airport data, contact us at

  • Casper Flight Tracking.

    Casper Flight Tracking provides a real-time and historic overview of aircraft movements, flight density and noise levels around airport and can be integrated with Casper Noise Lab.

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