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Airport Security Management Solutions

CEM Systems, a brand of Tyco Security Products, is a leading provider of fully integrated airport security management solutions. The systems designed and manufactured by CEM features unlimited expansion abilities and can be customised to meet the unique needs of each airport.

Company Profile

  • Airport Access Control Systems

    With the industry’s only airport specific access control system – CEM AC2000 Airport system, CEM has worked with airports for over 25 years and is continuously creating next generation technologies that meet airport needs including; the S3040 Portable handheld card readers, Ethernet based IP readers, PoE+(Power over Ethernet) door control and fully integrated biometric security solutions.

    AC2000 Airport system is a world renowned security management system, used by over 80% of UK airports. The system provides a host of functions and modules that have been designed specifically for airports and has a proven record as one of the most reliable and resilient airport security management solutions available.

  • Airport Access Control Systems

    AC2000 Airport management system is more than an access control system. Using a suite of extended, comprehensive operational applications and by seamlessly integrating with third party external systems, AC2000 Airport system provides a fully integrated solution.

    AC2000 Airport operational applications include:

    • Passenger segregation: AC2000 Airport allows airports/airlines to segregate arriving and departing passengers by using CEM card readers. The readers are interlocked so that if one reader is in Passenger mode (for multiple throughput) the other can only be put in Staff mode (for individual entry). This enables the free flow of passengers through departure and arrival gates without compromising security and creating security airlocks across the RZ ‘Restricted Zone’ line.
    • Check-in desk enabling: CEM card readers can be used to enable/disable shared check-in desks or luggage carousels. The system provides a report on check-in desk usage which can then be sent to the finance system for invoicing airlines for their appropriate use.
    • Air-bridge monitoring: CEM card readers installed at each air-bridge ensure that only authorized and trained personnel can operate them. A valid card and/or PIN must be presented before activation. The system provides data for advanced reporting which enables airports to reduce air-bridge maintenance costs and charge airlines for faults and usage.
    • Temporary cardholder management: AC2000 Airport provides a powerful tool to monitor and control access of temporary cardholders (visitors), recording information such as reason for temporary card and the name of the airport sponsor. The powerful AC2000 WEB Visitor Management application also enables temporary cardholders to be requested and managed from any location via a standard web browser.
    • Vehicle management: AC2000 Vehicle Management ensures that only authorized passengers within a vehicle can pass a control point. It also provides the ability to monitor and report on vehicle usage within an area such as a car park, identifying when maximum occupancy levels are reached.
    • Green initiatives: Using Equipment Enable feature on CEM card readers, all equipment throughout the airport can be controlled and monitored for cost efficiency purposes. For example, escalators, heat curtains and fixed electrical equipment can be enabled when required and automatically shut down for energy conservation.
    • Airport link: Airports that are owned by the same operator can be linked and networked upon request, allowing valid cardholders to go from one airport to another and use the same ID card at each airport.
    • Advanced reporting: Using AC2000 Airport system data for sophisticated reporting purposes, airports can reduce costs without compromising security.
    • Data clear down: Very often legislation dictates that an airport must not hold cardholder personal data for more than a set number of years. AC2000 Airport meets these legal requirements by enabling airports to automatically remove inactive cards/stored images from the system that have not be used within the given time period.
    • Integration: The AC2000 Alarm Event Display (AED) application provides one powerful platform for the control and monitoring of access control and integrated systems. Airports have access to one graphical command and control center, with CCTV, fire and access control alarms / devices highlighted. This enables airport operators to monitor multiple systems and instigate corrective action in real time from one central source.
  • Airport Specific Door Modes

    The CEM advanced card readers feature airport specific door modes such as:

    • Passenger
    • Equipment enable
    • Trolley
    • Airbridge

    Ideal for the airport environment, these reader modes control doors and external equipment to enhance the overall efficiency of airport operations.

    CEM readers are also widely used to enable the free flow of passengers through departure and arrival gates without compromising security and creating security airlocks across the RZ ‘Restricted Zone’ line.

  • Intelligent Card Readers

    CEM card readers offer multiple layers of security throughout airports, controlling airside and landside boundaries, gates, Air Traffic Control Towers and associated remote buildings. With an internal database, readers can validate cards and store transactions offline, ensuring zero system downtime and a 24/7 operational airport environment. With a keypad feature for additional PIN security and an LCD, messages such as Access Denied and Card Expiring are easily displayed. This prevents operational delays as ID cardholders can quickly communicate reasons for denied entry to the airport ID unit.

    Touch Screen Card Reader / Terminal

    CEM emerald access terminal is a revolutionary edge device. Featuring a touch screen reader and controller in one, with built in Voice over IP (VoIP) intercom functionality, emerald uniquely enables data normally only available on the AC2000 client PC to be accessed securely at the door for functions including reader maintenance, aviation check-lists, display of airport advertisements and much more.

    Integrated Biometrics

    Featuring a controller, card reader and fingerprint solution in one, the CEM S610f fingerprint reader is a fully integrated biometric and access control reader that is used to control access where an additional biometric layer of security is required. It provides a fully integrated fingerprint biometric solution without the need to use a door controller or third party biometric equipment and software.

    Portable Card Readers

    CEM portable handheld card readers offer airports a quick way of providing temporary guard check points for random security spot checks around the airport or can be used for external areas inaccessible for cables.


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