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Weathertight and Insulated Aircraft Hangar Doors In Any Size

Champion Door specialises in Fabric Fold Up Hangar Doors in all sizes from military planes to jumbo jets. Champion Door’s Fabric Fold Up Doors make very competitive solutions for hangar installations, they are long-lasting and reliable. Champion Door’s extensive experience in hangar door manufacturing has shown that our vertical lifting fabric fold-up hangar doors are the best alternative for large-scale door locations. They do not need extra heavy support structures like many other hoist-up fabric hangar doors on the market, which significantly helps reduce the construction. The width is not limited thanks to the Champion Door elevating support post system; it is the best choice for extra wide and extra high hangar doorways.

Champion Door Hangar Doors are designed to withstand fluctuations in moisture levels and temperature; they are resistant to dirt, dust and wear, and stand up to even the most violent winds. Champion Door is a reliable choice from extremely cold arctic areas to scorching hot climate. All our fabric fold-up doors are CE-marked and comply with currently valid standards.

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Company Profile

  • Fabric Fold-up Hangar Doors

    Fabric fold-up hangar doors require minimal maintenance and can be equipped with thermal insulation and burglar alarms. Champion Door makes sure that its products can endure heavy-duty industrial wear.

    The doors are designed to withstand fluctuations in moisture levels and temperature, are resistant to dirt and dust, and resist even the most violent winds. The fabric is extremely durable both against friction and impact.

    Champion Door vertical lifting hangar doors are made with standardised components and tailored to the customer’s needs.

  • Hangar Door Solutions

    Champion Door hangar door solutions with elevating mullions are ideal for extra wide openings. The large partition-free doorways of aeroplane and helicopter hangars require doors with special properties.

    The NK2 Double and NK4 Warm are designed specifically for larger doorways. Both doors with their rigid frame they are ideal used as large hangar doors. Champion Doors has the advantage that they are lightweight but durable. They do not need extra heavy support structures such as many other fold-up fabric hangar doors on the market.

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  • Hangar Door Features

    The model NK4 Warm comes with two additional insulation layers for added thermal insulation and soundproofing, and it is very popular in aircraft repair hangars.

    The PVC material is designed to resist the chemicals used for de-icing. Champion Door fold-up doors has been tested in wind laboratory, wind resistance for large hangar doors is more than 56 meters/sec (1 kN/m2).

    Doors are equipped with wind locking.

  • Champion Door key advantages

    • no guide rails or floor tracks
    • cost-effective – low life cycle costs
    • weatherproof compact construction
    • withstand extreme wind conditions
    • lighter – no oversized frame structures – saving in building costs


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