Passenger Boarding Bridges (PBB), Passenger Baggage Handling & Cargo Handling Systems

Shenzhen CIMC-TianDa Airport Support Ltd. (CIMC-TianDa) is one of the subsidiaries of China International Marine Containers (Group) Ltd. (CIMC). It is a professional enterprise in the design development, manufacture, installation, system integration, consultancy, main contractor of turnkey projects, and aftersales services into an integrated professional solution of airport & seaport equipment, modern automatic handling system, and auto-parking system.

The core business of CIMC-TianDa is airport support equipment and modern logistics equipment. The product ranges from Passenger Boarding Bridge (PBB), Passenger Baggage Handling System, Visual Docking Guidance System (VDGS), Maritime Boarding Bridge, Air Cargo Handling System, Automated Material Handling System, Auto-Parking System, Catering Truck, Cargo Loader, Airport Apron Bus, etc… Devoted to the technology innovation, CIMC-TianDa keeps improving the quality of manufacture and services of its product. Up to now, CIMC-TianDa has applied over 320 items for the patent rights, half of which have been granted the certificates, and among nearly 190 items, many were applied in USA and Europe. Its intellectual property management ranks the top in the industry.

In 1989, a R&D division of CIMC, the predecessor of CIMC-TianDa started to develop and manufacture PBB. Since the first PBB was put into operation in the TianJin Airport in 1990, CIMC-TianDa has delivered over 4000 unites of PBBs for more than 200 airports worldwide, exporting to more than 60 countries and regions. In recent 5 years, CIMC-TianDa has delivered, been delivering, and to be delivered about 400 units of PBBs to Europe. This marks its capability of managing the large-scale international integration projects, and show its PBB product and technology has completely reached the international advanced level.

Company Profile

  • Passenger Boarding Bridges (PBB)

    Apron Drive PBB

    Apron Drive PBB is generally preferred by most of airports & airlines mainly for its maximum flexibility. It is well know that such apron drive PBB is designed to accommodate a wide range of aircrafts, and easily installed according to the various apron configurations.

    The structure of an apron drive PBB consists of rotunda, telescopic tunnels, lifting and driving mechanism, cabin and cab. All radial travels of the PBB centers on the rotunda. The telescopic tunnels are integrated with two or three sleeve units for sliding extension and retraction. Driven by the lifting and driving mechanism to swivel around the rotunda, the PBB extends smoothly to approach the aircraft until its cab wiggles to conjoin the fuselage with its water-tight canopy.

  • A380 PBB

    To service the giant A380 aircraft, CIMC-TianDa, with various patented technologies and integrated solutions, has developed and manufactured A380 Passenger Boarding Bridge (PBB) to accommodate upper deck U1 door of A380.

    The first user of the CIMC-TianDa’s A380 PBB is Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris.

    Consecutively, CIMC-TianDa was awarded contracts for supplying A380 PBB by various airports authoritied.

  • Commuter PBB

    CIMC-TianDa’s commuter PBB is designed to accommodate medium and small size aircrafts.

    It has the basic functions of rotation, telescopic movement and lifting.

    At client’s request, combined design of commuter PBB can be offered to accommodate aircraft type C, type D, as well as other regional jets including ERJ145, BAE 146, CRJ-200 etc..

  • Noseloader PBB

    A Noseloader bridge is an enclosed passenger walkway between aircraft and terminal building (or fixed link), not only providing passengers with a safe, comfortable, weatherproof transition between aircraft and terminal building, but accelerating the mobility of passengers and apron vehicles, thus greatly improving the management and service efficiency of airports.

    The bridge is extending/retracting, elevating/lowering, cab rotating, and can serve a wide range of commercial aircraft stipulated based on actual apron condition. It may be in different length for a variety of parking configurations. The bridge can also be equipped with 400Hz frequency converter, PCA, Potable Water System and Visual Guidance System, etc.

  • T type PBB

    The T type PBB consists of tunnel and sliding sideway (including cabin and short tunnel and its hydraulic elevation column)

    1. Tunnel: it is fixed and connected to building. This tunnel can be designed much bigger than normal movable PBB. Like our T PBB in Royal terminal of Riyadh, the WxH is 2500mm x 2700mm
    2. Sliding sideway, this part can vertically and horizontally move (as attached), but can not rotate. So T type PBB can only dock to the aircrafts parked at fixed stop bar.


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