Civil Aviation Authority

The UK Civil Aviation Authority

As the UK’s specialist aviation regulator we ensure that:

  • the aviation industry meets the highest safety standards
  • consumers have choice, value for money, are protected and treated fairly when they fly
  • we drive improvements in airlines and airports’ environmental performance
  • the aviation industry manages security risks effectively.

We are a public corporation, established by Parliament in 1972 as an independent specialist aviation regulator. The UK Government requires that our costs are met entirely from charges to those we provide a service to or regulate.

Most aviation regulation and policy is harmonised across the world to ensure consistent levels of safety and consumer protection. Worldwide safety regulations are set by the International Civil Aviation Organisation and within Europe by the European Aviation Safety Agency.

We run the ATOL holiday financial protection scheme.

We also economically regulate some airports and certain aspects of air traffic control.

Our consumer panel acts as a ‘critical friend’ providing a consumer perspective on all aspects of our work.

Company Profile

  • The CAA's Values

    Following internal and external consultation with colleagues and stakeholders, the CAA has agreed a set of Values that guide our actions and are central to our way of working. They support the achievement of the CAA’s strategic ambition and goals, and the delivery of the principles of better regulation.

    Our Values Are:

    • Integrity – which guides our actions.
    • Respect – which makes our working relationships effective.
    • Collaboration – which gets the right people involved at the right time.
    • Clarity – which is what people can expect from us.
    • Learning – which ensures we take the initiative to improve.
    • Drive – which delivers tangible outcomes efficiently.

    We are determined to use the Values to create a work environment in which we respect colleagues and stakeholders, work together in a collaborative way and are focused on delivering our objectives in a way that demonstrates excellent value for money.

  • Diversity and Inclusion

    We take our responsibilities in Diversity and Inclusion very seriously, not just because it makes good business sense to get the best from our workforce but because it’s the right thing to do for our business, our colleagues, our industry and society in general.

    We are looking to make further improvements in many areas, as you will see in our policies and plans, but we believe we are heading in the right direction.


  • Reporting, Information Requests and Appeals

    The processes for reporting information to, requesting information from, and appealing against decisions made by the Civil Aviation Authority.

    The CAA mission is to provide best practice regulation and expert advice that are independent and enable civil aviation to best meet the needs of its users and society in a safe and sustainable manner. The CAA is pleased to provide as much information as possible within legal and ethical constraints. As a ‘Public Corporation’ the CAA maintains and provides Records to the National Archive. It also operates under the Freedom of Information Act and the Environmental Information Regulations that provide rights to citizens.

    The CAA operates Appeals processes that allow decisions made by the CAA to be challenged. The outcome of any Appeal is listed under Official Record Series 8

    In addition the CAA provides means by which reports can be made to the CAA, including a ‘Whistle Blowing’ process that complies with the Public Interest Disclosure act of 1998.


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