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Airport Antenna Systems

Airport Antenna Systems for ADS-B, Multi-Lateration, DAS, PMR, Tetra, WLAN, WiFi and Cellular Communications.

Cobham Antenna Systems develop and manufacture high specification Airport Antenna Systems for both ground and air applications.

A range of over 2000 antennas makes up the company portfolio including – Sector and Multi Sector, Directional flat panel, Omni-directional and Ultra-Wideband (UWB).

Robust and architect approved, many antennas are on site at London Heathrow and New York Airport terminals for DAS applications including Cellular, Wifi, PMR and Tetra. As well as antennas for the underground car park, which had their own unique requirements including meeting SAR or Touch Safe legislation.

The products include single-band, multi-band and Ultra-Wideband antennas to future-proof installations.

As well as the 2000 existing products antenna development projects are regularly undertaken for customers.

All activities are carried out at our development engineering plant, anechoic test chamber and manufacturing facility in Cheveley, near Newmarket, in the United Kingdom.

Cobham Antenna Systems is an ISO9001, ISO14001 and ISO18001 accredited company.

Company Profile

  • Antennas for Wireless LAN WiFi Hotspots at Airport Terminals

    Wireless LAN WiFi hotspots are providing passengers with high speed Internet access. To future-proof this system a range of antennas was developed using leading edge technology, covering dual frequency bands 2.4 to 2.5GHz and 5.15 to 5.85GHz.

    These neat and discreet base station antennas have been developed specifically for this application, with each antenna operating across both bands within one housing in order to keep the quantity of antennas required to a minimum.

    The Two types of antenna, Omni and Directional, both have dual slant ±45° polarization to provide diversity for MIMO, and are optimised for maximum system performance.

    Airport Antenna Systems
  • Cellular Ultra Wideband 0.6 to 4 GHz Bi-Directional

    An ultra-wideband antenna was developed to cover the entire cellular frequency range in order to ‘future-proof’ and allow for expansion of the system without the need to change antennas, a prerequisites of many operators.

    This broadband, bi-directional antenna reference BDFPA-06-40-RL/1313 covers the frequency 0.6 to 4GHz, has a beam of 75° azimuth x 75° in two directions with a single flying lead for simple installation on to a flat wall or ceiling.

    It is ideal for mounting in a long narrow area such as corridor where peak coverage from a central location in two directions is needed. It provides circular polarization on both beams for optimum non line of site penetration. Measuring just 280x227x50mm (11”x9”x2”), this antenna has been designed to be unobtrusive and blend with its surroundings.

    Airport Antenna Systems
  • DAS, PMR and Tetra Antennas

    An omni antenna, OA1-0.42V/1316, was designed for communication within an airport car park covering both Tetra (385 to 400MHz) and PMR (450 to 470MHz) frequencies, in a single antenna.

    At this low frequency antennas would normally be very large, but severe height restrictions within the car park meant that the antenna had to be designed to be very low profile and flush-mounted whilst maintaining high quality omni beam patterns. The flying lead design enabled a simple installation. it was coloured to blend in with its surroundings.

    An omni-directional antenna with an extended performance (XPO2V-150-600/148) and wide band coverage – 0.150 to 0.600GHz – and 2dBi gain, supplies additional PMR and Tetra coverage elsewhere within the airport complex.

    A new Ultra Wideband omni antenna with a frequency range of 0.380GHz to 6GHz with the benefit of a low ripple pattern covers DAS, PMR, Tetra, Cellular, WiFi and LTE application frequencies.

    All antennas meet SAR or Touch Safe legislation which, together with bespoke mounting arrangements ensure antennas met beam patterns following installation specification. Network designers and architects had to approve the product design at each stage.

    Airport Antenna Systems
  • Antenna Development, Design and Customisation

    Our key resource is our skilled and experienced engineering team.  With many years of experience in design and development of antennas, we will provide antennas to meet specific requirements.  This can be achieved through one of three ways:

    Firstly, we have more than 1500 standard antenna designs available which can be manufactured within a few weeks. Our technical sales team will help you select the right antenna for your application.

    Secondly, If one of our standard antennas does not meet your specification exactly, we can make small adjustments, such as connector type change, a flying lead, a slight frequency retune, alternative colour or extra ruggedness. Full testing will be carried out to ensure the modifications do not affect the performance.

    Finally, we provide a full antenna design and development service. Using modeling software to assist in the development of new antennas enables us to predict the performance at an early stage. It is our normal practice to build a fully operational and tested prototype as part of the development programme. A detailed briefing including application information, mounting requirements and location is required.

    Airport Antenna Systems

Company News

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