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Premier face recognition technologies for border control, airport security, people flow management, and biometric photo capture

Cognitec is the only company worldwide that has worked exclusively on face recognition technology since its inception in 2002. Experiencing steady growth at business locations in Dresden, Boston and Sydney, the company is proud to maintain a market-leading position within the industry, and to uphold the trust it has gained as a reliable, experienced provider of biometric technologies.

Cognitec’s product portfolio includes technologies for facial image database search, video screening and analytics, border control, and ICAO compliant photo capturing: FaceVACS-DBScan compares images from different sources to those stored in multi-million image databases; FaceVACS-VideoScan performs real-time identity checks to find known persons and alert the appropriate staff, while performing anonymous face recognition to count individuals, analyze demographics and track people flow; FaceVACS-Entry VS combines hardware for image acquisition with software for verification processes, and is ready for integration into eGates; and FaceVACS-Entry CS streamlines the capture of biometric ID photos during border crossing and ID issuance processes.

Independent evaluation tests continue to prove the outstanding performance of the company’s flagship FaceVACS® software. Compared against main competitors, Cognitec’s latest face matching algorithm showed excellent performance results across all accuracy tests in the Ongoing NIST Face Recognition Vendor Test 1:1, with lowest error rates for visa and mugshot images. The results stay within 0.5 %–1 % of the top-ranked competitor in each category. In the 1:N test, the algorithm achieved the best speed-accuracy tradeoff in comparison to competitive commercial technologies.

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FaceVACS-Entry CS

FaceVACS-Entry CS quickly captures ISO-compliant facial images during border crossing and various ID issuance processes. The system finds the face of the person, adjusts the position of the camera to the body size and takes …

FaceVACS-Entry VS

FaceVACS-Entry VS combines smart hardware for image acquisition with market-leading software for verification processes, and is ready for integration into electronic gates (eGates) at border control checkpoints. The technology allows travelers to complete self-service border …


Cognitec’s FaceVACS-VideoScan compares and analyzes faces seen in live video streams and instantly finds known individuals. In addition, security staff can receive an anonymous alarm if a person is not wearing a mask, if too many …

Company News

Cognitec’s Face Recognition Products Benefit from Enhanced Versions of Mask-Tolerant Matching Algorithm and Age Estimator

Highly focused and innovative R&D initiatives have again raised accuracy levels of Cognitec’s main matching algorithm and its age estimation technology. The latest versions are showing remarkably robust test results for facial images with masks. Advanced …

Introducing a compact device for quick capture of ISO-compliant facial images

In response to the growing demand for biometrics enrollment during border crossing processes, Cognitec has extended its Entry product line to offer an all-inclusive device for capturing standards-compliant biometric photos. Instant camera positioning, active lighting, …


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