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Airport Wheels and Cargo Castors

Colson Europe B.V. member of the Colson Group is the world’s largest wheel and castor manufacturer.

We are known for top quality Cargo Castors.

These are essential components for silent and maintenance free caster decks and dollies used in ULD Handling areas at Cargo Centers and on Airports worldwide.

Apart from these we supply you a full range of wheels and casters for load capacities up to 30,000 kgs.

The right wheel for every business!

Company Profile

  • Colson Cargo Castors


    The quality of Colson Cargo Castors is based on a combination of:

    • Precise and innovative design
    • Quality of materials
    • Quality of manufactoring

    End result: a Colson castor with a load capacity of 250 kg, with a high resistance to shock loads and a long service life.

    The precision ball bearings in both wheel and swivelhead secure a low rolling- and swiveling effort, enabling easy manouvring of the freight on loaderdecks. Newly developed seals for wheel and fork guarantee maintenance free castors. To prevent corrosion , the electrolitically zinc plated castor is given an additional yellow passivated coating.

  • Baggage Trolley's

    As the world largest castor manufacturer Colson provides excellent wheels and castors to keep the travelers happy.

    We can deliver all kind of wheels regarding roll performance including antistatic, non stainable and chemical resistant wheels.

  • Heavy Duty Castors

    Whenever you need a castor with a load rate of 30 kg or 30.000 kg. Colson has it all.

  • Cargo Decks & Castor Decks

    Latest Additions to the Colson Range

    The Mobra

    In our Mobra (a concatenation of mounting bracket) the cargo castor is mounted in a mounting bracket which can be sunken into the holes (ø146 mm) of the deck.

    Advantages of the Mobra:

    • No heavy sub frame required which allows lighter, more economic construction of the decks.
    • Easier mounting/dismounting of the units.


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