Commercial Bird Control

Bird Proofing Systems and Pest Bird Control for Airports

Promoting professional standards in bird proofing systems for Airports.

Commercial Bird Control (CBC) is a service company specialising in all aspects of pest bird control. As members of the BPCA, over 14 years’ experience and with national coverage we are the perfect choice for Bird Control. Our scope of works include spiking signs in Brighton, netting aircraft hangers in York and MOD in Cornwall.

We supply our services to large companies as subcontractors as well as to clients directly. Our largest job to date is 98,000m2 gull netting at Gatwick airport to prevent bird strikes.

Over the years we have built strong connections with all the industries nationwide suppliers. This guarantees competitive quotes with quality materials.

We have been a part of both landside and airside works. Everything from a contract culling service to large netting installations.

At CBC we undertake all aspect of the work. We carry out hygiene cleans, culling, netting, spiking, sprung wire and optical gel systems.

To cover all areas of Bird Control please visit or call us on 0845 557 0 656 for a free no obligation survey and quote.

Company Profile

  • Pest Bird Control

    Did you know all birds in the UK are protected? Its companies like CBC who have the correct license and training via BPCA who can legally treat and advise on possible proofing solutions.

    With airports having such a high capacity, it important to us that our products and services are as discreet and effective as possible.

    All species of birds can be controlled via the correct licence and permissions.

    We pride ourselves on providing a solution…

  • Bird Proofing Systems

    Many systems are available all of which we have experience in installing.

    Netting is most commonly used and the systems you see are mostly installed incorrectly. This is simply because you can see it. Our netting systems are discreet and affective as possible not just installed in the easiest way possible.

    We supply netting in all gauges and colours available. The gauge and colour depends on the substrate of the building as well as the pest species occupying the area.

    All our netting is installed using 316 grade wires and fixings where available.

    Spiking is an effective and quick system to install in the right locations. Again spiking isn’t as simple as gluing it down. The area, concentration of birds and substrate all require consideration.

    Sprung wire and Optical Gel systems are very discreet systems and when installed correctly are almost unnoticeable.

  • Contract Services

    Sometimes action needs to be taken to control a population of birds. In certain circumstances traditional methods of netting and spiking may not be possible or cost effective. This is where a Contract Cull service would be beneficial.

    At agreed intervals we will visit site to carry out a cull. Population numbers will be closely monitored and recommendations for fewer or more visits will be discussed.

  • Hygiene Services

    The main reason proofing is considered is due to the disease birds can carry and transmit to humans. There is a risk when considering the bacteria guano can house but not the biggest risk. Most incidents involving birds is due to the slippery nature of guano when wet.

    We again will advise on the best methods to remove the waste, disinfect all areas and prevent further build up.


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