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The Safety Kross - Safety Markings to Temporary Close Runways and Taxiways.

The Icelandic company Construction & Asphalt or Mannvirki & Malbik, was founded in 2015. It is a small, family run company located in the heart of Reykjanesbaer, where you find the international airport in Iceland.

The founder and owner, Mr. Sigurdur Ingi Kristofersson, or Siggi as he is always called, is a civil engineer and has long and extensive experience in most aspects of construction, especially airport runway and taxiway construction and the use of safety markings during construction.

The reason Siggi thought of and started producing the Safety Kross is his concern for asphalt. He was only sixteen years old when he started working on asphalt paving and has developed great experience in that field of expertise. Siggi will go to great lengths to protect the asphalt when needed, but also to make sure that the asphalt being used is the best.

When he was managing runway reconstruction at KEF airport, he found that a safety marking to temporarily close the runways and taxiways, that was convenient to use and complies with aviation regulations was not easy to find. So he decided to make one! With his experience as a fisherman as a young man, he instantly knew that fishing net could be the perfect material for runway and taxiway safety markings. That’s how the designing and developing of the Safety Kross to temporarily close runways and taxiways, began.

In addition to producing and selling the Safety Kross the company offers consulting and project management on all aspects of airfield reconstruction and asphalt.

The Safety Kross


The Safety Kross

The Safety Kross is a product used to temporarily close runways and taxiways. It is designed and handmade in Iceland out of extremely durable material. The Safety Kross does not contaminate the environment, like many other …


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