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Airport Passenger and Ground Handling Automation Solutions

Damarel’s suite of products provide advanced passenger and ground handling automation solutions for airports, airlines, ground handlers and systems integrators, optimising processes, improving the passenger experience and reducing overheads.

Damarel focus on a core of critical activities for airlines and ground handling agents, based around passenger handling and flight turn around processes. From passenger check-in and boarding systems, through aircraft weight and balance, to GHA operational databases, resource planning, SLA monitoring and automated billing, Damarel help organisations achieve their aims.

With installations in over 200 airports around the world, from the largest international hubs to the smallest regionals, Damarel have delivered integrated solutions to organisations of all shapes and sizes. Our aim always is to maximise the return on IT investment to enable growth through automation and efficiency, increasing capacity and driving down costs.

Company Profile

  • Passenger Check-in & Boarding

    Damarel’s airline passenger handling solutions are used to process hundreds of millions of passengers every year. Available on all major airport platforms, our industry proven products enable growth while reducing complexity.

    Damarel’s Local DCS is one of the most widely adopted systems for Charter airline and Low Cost Carrier passenger processing available. Featuring integrated passenger check-in, boarding and weight and balance, L-DCS is an incredibly simple to use, cost-effective Departure Control System adopted by airlines and ground handlers alike.

    For traditional airline DCS, Damarel’s Babel solution provides an easy-to-use front end, replacing the standard cryptic command line interface with an intuitive GUI, slashing training times, increasing throughput and reducing errors. Fully scripted for maximum flexibility, Babel enables GHAs to cross-train staff on many more systems than before, reducing training overheads and rostering problems.

    For simple, effective gate procedures, Damarel’s Embark LBA2 provides rapid passenger boarding regardless of the airline. Embark helps reduce the number of gate staff required, while improving aircraft turnaround times and promoting on time departures.

  • GHA Operational Tools

    The FiNDnet Suite is a fully integrated set of business and operational automation tools for ground handling agents. From a flight schedule database all the way through to electronic invoicing for handling services, FiNDnet enables companies to fully control their operation, reducing overheads, increasing revenue capture and meeting SLAs.

    At the heart of the system, FiNDnet Operations provides a complete replacement for the traditional operation’s whiteboard, delivering an automatically updated, interactive view of flights and schedules via FIDS quality displays to all operational areas. With integrated Type B , email links and feeds for on-airport systems, FiNDnet Operations ensures all stakeholders have access to live information.

    FiNDnet Services delivers electronic ship-side capture of all the services provided by ground handlers during an aircraft turn. From cleaning through to refuelling and de-icing, FiNDnet Services makes sure all revenue items are recorded for later billing. When coupled with FiNDnet Mobile, this provides for a complete SLA driven operation, prompting agents with contracted tasks and deadlines.

    FiNDnet Billing ties together all the schedule and service information to provide a complete automated billing solution for ground handlers. Based on user-defined contracts, FiNDnet Billing quickly and accurately calculates handling charges, boosting revenue recovery, reducing queries and improving cash flow.

    Resource planning is critical for ground handling agents – having the right people and equipment available at the right time is crucial to profitability. FiNDnet Resources helps deliver an efficient operation, plotting resource availability and requirements against the daily schedule for an instant overview of pinch-points or under-utilisation. FiNDnet Resources can also be integrated with rostering systems to match skills profiles against requirements for maximum efficiency.

  • Common Use Platform

    Smaller regional airports can benefit dramatically from implementing a Common Use platform. By sharing limited resources such as desk and gate equipment between airlines and handling agents, airports can release terminal space and significantly boost airport capacity for minimal investment.

    Designed specifically for regional airports, Damarel’s AuRA Pro system provides a cost-effective entry path to Common Use, enabling users to take advantage of the latest technology and innovations. With a whole range of class-leading applications available, AuRA Pro is a one-stop shop that removes the headache of dealing with multiple suppliers.

    Offered as a fully hosted solution, AuRA Pro removes the need for expensive hardware on-site, leveraging the latest SaaS (Software as a Service) technology to deliver a seamless thin client solution across the WAN. With support for the latest generation of low-cost devices, AuRA Pro maximises the benefit of any IT investment.

    For those airports looking to release terminal space and position for growth, AuRA Pro could be the perfect solution.

  • Weight and Balance

    Damarel’s LodeStone is an advanced aircraft Weight and Balance system for use with commercial passenger aircraft. Designed with ease of use in mind, Lodestone will automatically perform all the weight and balance calculations necessary to safely load the aircraft and produce the required documentation for the loaders and the flight crew – removing manual processes, increasing efficiency and speeding up load control functions.

    Whether integrated with Damarel’s Local DCS, or used standalone for 3rd party flights, LodeStone is perfect for all types of operations, including the Central Load Control model adopted by many of the larger ground handling agents. Delivered as a hosted solution through your Internet browser, LodeStone can be implemented very quickly and needs no specialist equipment on site.

    With safety the most critical aspect of mass and balance calculations, LodeStone is a tried and tested solution, handling thousands of aircraft movements every year. Simple to train on, LodeStone provides an easy-to-use graphical interface that guides the user through the loading of the aircraft, ensuring all limits and restrictions are observed. Effective, efficient loading ensures aircraft safety and helps achieve preferred loading profiles for more efficient flying, reducing fuel burn.

    Built-in support for all types of aircraft, from the small Bombardier DHC8 all the way up to the Boeing 747, and from palletised to containerised loading, makes sure that LodeStone is the perfect tool for load controllers regardless of the airline.


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