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DAMPA is one of the world’s most recognized suppliers of suspended Airport metal ceiling systems. As the true inventor of perforated acoustic ceiling systems, DAMPA has more than 65 years of experience developing and manufacturing steel and aluminum ceilings for airports. DAMPA metal ceilings are elegant, precise, and resilient.

The metal ceiling makes a good connection between the building and the means of transport, thanks to the raw, yet elegant design. DAMPA Airport metal ceiling systems ideally suit the demands of wide ceiling surfaces in airport terminals and provides by means of perforation an exceptional acoustic environment. DAMPA delivers a wide range of standard and special ceilings.

DAMPA product program includes both open and concealed ceilings in standard module dimensions. Painted or laminated surfaces of DAMPA ceilings open up a great number of design possibilities.

Company Profile

  • Metal Ceilings - Part Of The Design

    Metal’s inherant flexibility means that the sky is the limit for your ceiling design. Whether you are working in steel or aluminium, there is an endless array of options available at your disposal, ranging from design, through to dimensions and surfaces.

  • Providing an Exceptional Acoustic Environment.

    DAMPA’s metal ceilings ensure an exceptional acoustic environment, adjustable to varying demands on reverberation times.

    The ceilings are the optimal solution for crowded areas where a low noise-level affords the traveler a pleasant atmosphere and a good overview.

  • DAMPA Ceilings and Build-in Components

    DAMPA Metal ceilings are compatible with integrated ventilation, sprinklers and the new generations of LED light. Close cooperation with leading manufacturers results in a wide range of build-incomponents compatible with DAMPA ceilings.

    DAMPA´s suspended ceilings are easily and precisely installed in DAMPA suspension systems.

  • Airport Ceiling Design, Acoustic Metal Wall & Ceiling System

    Simple dis- and reassembling make fast and easy access to installations behind the ceiling possible, and the ceiling will retain the symmetric lines even after repeated disassembling.


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