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DESIGNA are one of the world’s leading manufacturers of sophisticated software-controlled car park management systems. Well over 6,000 of our systems are installed worldwide today, with another two being added to this number daily – from the simple hotel garage to large complex projects in which thousands of parking spaces are administered or networked across a city. Our partners are airports, hospitals, shopping centres, construction companies, local authorities and the different operators of these facilities. Our group’s headquarters is in Kiel.

Today DESIGNA’s products are known from Dubai to Singapore and from Warsaw to Cape Town for being state of the art in terms of reliability, efficiency and user friendliness. With over 250 employees we are represented in more than 60 countries with sales and service branches and subsidiaries in Paris, London, Milan, Budapest and Vienna.

There is scarcely another place in the world where will you encounter such high density parking as at an international airport. The first priority is to regulate the constant in and outflow of flight passengers. The second is to control the parking of a usually very large number of airport employees and service company personnel with completely different requirements. Added to this are car rental and taxi handling, valet parking and other special parking forms. These are great challenges which demand a high-end parking management system.

The strengths of the PM ABACUS system become particularly obvious in such a diverse user situation. This is why DESIGNA technology is also to be found at many large European airports. Take the example of Hamburg, where roughly 7,000 permanent ticket holders park with the help of non-contact Easy Move technology. Approximately 5,500 of them are service company staff whose parking fees are charged on the basis of time slots. The system automatically generates user protocols which are made available in the intranet with password protection. At the same time, the data is imported into SAP software where it is used for accounting and controlling.

As a service to airport customers, parking is also ideally suited for additional special offers. An excellent example of this is Holiday Parking, where the airport issues vouchers to travel agents who then pass these on to their customers when they book a flight. When customers then park their cars at the airport for a week, for example, they receive a welcome discount at the pay station. This is only one example of many to show how parking can be used creatively to increase customer loyalty with the help of PM ABACUS.

Company Profile

  • ABACUS - Internationally standardised, unlimited scalability

    PM ABACUS constitutes the essence of our knowledge of parking technology. All of our planning, realisation and support expertise is combined in this system, which sets new standards. Not only in regard to reliability and user friendliness but above all where integration and networking options are concerned.

    Right from the very beginning, PM ABACUS has been consistently developed to satisfy the demands of large-scale regionally and internationally networked projects. This has been achieved by implementing universally accepted hardware and software standards, through an open and transparent interface concept and, last but not least, through virtually unlimited scalability.

    As a result of these characteristics, PM ABACUS is also the ideal system for medium-sized set-ups with between 5 and 25 terminals – with the option of integrating these into a larger network at a later date. Irrespective of the size of the project: PM ABACUS is the economical and above all the future-proof solution that protects your investments in an ideal manner.

    Every element of a PM ABACUS system is designed to be a part of a much larger system – irrespective of whether this means the ten devices installed in a local multi-storey car park or the 280 terminals of an international parking network with an SAP connection. All of the components of the PM ABACUS system are open for expansion, integration and networking. This means that it is no problem whatsoever to integrate external alarm messages, information systems and databases.

    The core component of the PM Abacus system is known as the Multicon. It is distinguished by very high processing speeds and its reliability in the most demanding circumstances. The Multicon has a proven lifespan of at least 400,000 tickets. With an easy to service, modular structure, the standard Multicon version contains a needle printer for the economical printing of low-cost, uncoated paper tickets. It is also possible to upgrade to a high-quality thermal printer with considerably higher resolution. Thanks to the smartcard technology already integrated, the Multicon is also capable of processing RFID media with only a minimum amount of additional expense.

  • ABACUS BlueEdition

    Aside from its intrinsic benefits, the new DESIGNA BlueEdition family not only provides you with that assurance coming from the technological market leader in parking management but thanks to application simplification and intelligent automation of operations ensures a still greater scope. At the end of the day, you yourself decide which of our services you want to benefit from – whether it be individual tariffing, trouble-free authorisation systems, flexible server management or ultra-modern e-commerce applications.

    Every machine in the BlueEdition family uses our tried and tested ABACUS operating system. This means that it features all of the groundbreaking innovations that impressively underpin DESIGNA’s technological market leadership.

    Thanks to the new Pay pay station, that perfect synthesis of design and function is being paraded on the grey-in-grey automatic pay station market. The completely revised pay station now allows DESIGNA’s passion for innovation to become externally apparent. For the first time we have a pay station consistently responding to customer needs – and not the other way round.

    Both an exemplary design and a revolutionary operating concept ensure an  absolutely modern appearance and a unique convenience of operation. By using self-explanatory icons on the gleaming user front of the side panel, users are navigated on a step-by-step basis from the top downwards to the next item. This makes adjustments unnecessary for the various languages since the icons reveal the next operating step in a transnational way. Information and interaction are clearly separated from each other. The result is a completely different understanding of what operating involves. The services provided by the new pay station define a new standard of its own.


    Are you looking for a professional and economical parking solution especially designed to meet the requirements of more compact car parks? Then you´ve just hit the mark! SLIMPARK offers high functionality , elegantly designed equipment and ease of use all in one, while still providing you with all of DESIGNA’s technical expertise.

    Simple and efficient
    Ready to start: SLIMPARK is extremely easy to use and requires minimal installation effort.
    Sometimes, less is more: the SLIMPARK system is limited to a low number of movable components. The advantage of this is that the costs of maintenance and replacement parts are considerably reduced. Overall you benefit from a lean system that provides high levels of quality and functionality.

    High technological standards
    SLIMPARK uses proven bar code technology. This technology is ideally suited to smaller car parks and is extremely reliable in processing both short-term parking tickets and season tickets.


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