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Software and Tools for Dangerous Goods Management / Hazardous Material

DGM Software Development Group A/S (DGM-SDG)’s mission is to deliver information technology expertise dedicated to safe production, storage, transport and trade of any class of dangerous goods or hazardous material. All activities are performed in accordance with the global quality & safety standards:

  • Rules and regulations of UN, ICAO/IATA, 49CFR, ADG, AND, ADR, GHS, IMDG, RID, TDG, Seveso
  • EC Standards
  • ISO 9001:2000

The company is headquartered in Kolding, Denmark with development offices in Denmark, Norway and The Netherlands and sales and support offices in the U.S., Europe, and Asia Pacific.

The software product range covers all areas within ADR, 49CFR, ADNR, RID, IMDG, ICAO/IATA and the environment. Included are Safety Data Sheets, Workspace Instructions, Safety Adviser, Transport, Warehousing and Waste management. The product range is designed to operate together with the most common administrative computer systems like SAP, Concorde, Navision, AS 400-systems, Unix-systems etc. These systems are also designed to handle and operate with the costumers own dangerous goods database containing customers’ own product descriptions and product numbers.

Internet, Intranet and PC applications are the basis of our development strategy. From there we can also offer components, web services and databases for inclusion in customer or 3rd party systems and applications. It is DGM-SDG’s goal to make the handling of Dangerous Goods a safe and easy matter: “Around the world”, with professional software solutions, that improves efficiency and thereby save money and workload for our customers.

Company Profile

  • DGOffice - Dangerous Goods Management Software is the comprehensive online software suite that contains everything to manage all of your dangerous goods related activities. With you save time and money, while reducing failures.

    Tailor DGOffice to your needs by picking just the software modules you require. When your needs change, expand at the mere click of a button. is constantly updated to continuously comply with the applicable rules and regulations.

    In the management of dangerous goods and hazardous materials, a top priority is to reduce or minimize risk. DGOffice supports you in that, all the way.

    What’s more, it allows you to concentrate on what you need or want to do with your dangerous goods and hazardous materials. It provides insight in what is allowed and obligatory in the trade, storage, handling and transportation. It fulfills all the required documentation and labeling needs. It let’s you stay on top of what’s happening. It ensures you stay compliant with legislation. It allows you to keep the risk at a minimum against affordable costs.

  • Databases - Dangerous Goods, Production, Storage & Handling

    DGM-SDG develops, maintains and distributes all kinds of data regarding Dangerous Goods, its production, storage, handling and transport.

    All data is based on (inter)national rules, regulations and laws where available.

    Besides that SDG is constantly improving the data set by adding relevant data and creation of ‘smart data’.

    Our ‘smart data’ is creating the additional value to the regulatory data which many other providers are offering as well.

    Examples of ‘smart data’:

    • Cross referencing between the various modes of transport and variations in regultions
    • Auto segregation and stowage parameters inside packages, overpacks, pallets, containers, trucks and even vessels and warehouses.

    Our data is available for integration in existing applications, as extension of our web services, or as part of our interfacing service.

  • Web Services for Cargo and Dangerous Goods

    The Web services we have available can be used to interface with your existing systems to:

    • Eliminate double work
    • Enhance quality
    • Reduce errors
    • Improve efficiency

    Our general setup is to enable you to send requests for info to the service and the service replies with the information after which you can request further based on results etc.

    Additional we can load a basic DG related database table in your application and connect that to your products, shipments or other main process element to reduce the information requests.

    When the process requires specific information or a document to be generated, the application generates a ‘file’ which can be XML, ASCII or other format. This file is automatically transferred to the web service. The web service processes the file and creates the requested information or document in accordance with the regulations and customer specifications and returns it to the application.

    Two examples of realised setups are:

    • DGMNotoc web service integrated in the Cargospot application delivered by CHAMP
    • ADR web service integrated in Vikingegaarden VMS.
  • Interfacing - Dangerous Goods Management Solutions

    DGOffice™ Remote Server is a remote support system that allows you to integrate Dangerous Goods Management solutions into existing environments.

    It adds Dangerous Goods logistic solutions to existing backoffice systems like Warehouse Management Systems (WMS), Customer Relation Management (CRM) or Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions such as SAP.

    The actual solutions are processed in a separate remote system, the DGOffice™ Remote Server.

    The interface connecting the two systems is running in the background and is triggered by user-initiated actions on, for instance, the order processing system. This can be anything from a new order to a simple change in the status of a shipment. The user does not have to take additional actions, other than collecting the processed documents from the printer, the email system or any specified file location.

    Software for Dangerous Goods Management
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