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Software and Tools for Dangerous Goods Management / Hazardous Material

DGM Software Development Group is the electronic solutions provider of the International Dangerous Goods Management Support Group. Solutions can be found in the software we develop, DGOffice, and the accompanying offered services. Our development offices are located in the Netherlands, Denmark and Norway, while sales and support offices can be found throughout the world.

We have more than 20 years of experience in developing software solutions and services, which are all related to the transportation, handling, storage, production and waste handling of dangerous goods and other hazardous materials. As world leader in our business, our customers are based globally and include small businesses up to multinationals and governmental organizations.

All activities are performed in accordance with the global quality and safety standards:

  • EC Standards
  • ISO 9001:2000


Our mission is to deliver information technology expertise dedicated to safe production, storage, transport and trade of any class of dangerous goods or hazardous materials. We are committed to an unprecedented level of customer support and service around strategic applications of compatible technology that focuses on reducing operating costs and improving service and customer satisfaction.


Company Profile

  • DGOffice - Dangerous Goods Management Software

    Electronic tools and solutions for your Dangerous Goods and Hazardous Materials related activities.

    In the management of dangerous goods and hazardous materials, a top priority is to reduce or minimize risk. DGOffice supports you in that, all the way.

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    DGOffice in short

    • Allows you to concentrate on what you need or want to do with your dangerous goods
    • Provides insight in what is allowed and obligatory in trade, transportation, handling, storage and production
    • Fulfills all the required documentation and labeling needs
    • Let’s you stay on top of what is happening
    • Ensures you stay compliant with legislation
    • Keeps the risk at a minimum against affordable costs
    • Is updated constantly to continuously comply with the applicable rules and regulations

    Safe, secure & simple

    Access DGOffice anytime from anywhere in the world, as it is fully developed as online application. Ultimately, it can be installed within your own network environment, such as Intranet or on stand-alone computers. In one system you get a powerful set of tools that makes it easy to adapt languages, regulations and much more. When information is edited in one place, the system automatically implements those changes at all relevant places.

  • Services

    Integrating Automated Dangerous Goods Management Solutions

    DGOffice is designed to operate together with the most common administrative computer systems and can be integrated within your own network environment.

    Why integrate?

    Due to regular changing national and international rules and regulations

    • It directly impacts logistic processes, related documentation and reporting requirements
    • It is very challenging to let these changes impact your workflow processes at a minimum
    • You have to comply with these changes and know what is applicable
    • All required reports, documents, workplace instructions, product labeling and safety measures have to be prepared and up-to-date continuously
    • Differences between various regulations should be known

    In order to fully benefit from the DGOffice tools, integrating an automated dangerous goods logistics solution, such as DGOffice Remote Server, to existing back office systems creates tremendous additional value. Moreover, your back office system will become more effective and efficient.

  • DGXML Standard

    Electronic exchange of Dangerous Goods information made easy

    Digitalization of the logistics chain requires clear and open standards. Therefore, we developed the DGXML dangerous goods data sharing standard. This version controlled XML standard can be used for any mode of transport.

    The standard

    In the logistics chain of just one shipment, data is recopied many times. This inefficient working method can result in copy errors, which in turn can cause serious problems, such as noncompliance, accidents, lost cargo or high fines. With the use of just one simple DGXML standard, there is no more need for data to be copied from copies multiple times. The standard allows one correct information source to be available for whomever needs to have access to it. All necessary information is included, which can be used for any mode of transport along the logistics chain. By using this electronic standard for any of your dangerous goods shipments, inefficiency and copying errors can be prevented.

    How to use it

    If you are interested in using the DGXML standard for your dangerous goods shipments, click on below download button and enter your email address. The DGXML documentation and a list of all DGMIDs can be downloaded separately. All downloads are version controlled, and when new files are added or when files are updated, you will be notified automatically.

  • Downloads

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