Drück & Pfeiffer GmbH: Airport-Manager

From Personnel Shift and Equipment Planning to Real-time Dispatching

Airport-Manager helps the specialist in ground handling service, passenger service and aircraft cleaning or in the terminal itself, to quantify flight schedule dependent operations for subsequent evaluation directly from the flight schedule.

Airport-Manager improves not just the efficiency of the planners concerning the processing of flight schedules. The improvement of efficiency of the planned resources (both staff and equipment) affects even more the economy of the whole enterprise.

Company Profile

  • Online Dispatching

    This operation mode changes Airport-Manager Planning to a dispatching system.

    You see all pre-planned handling tasks including baggage service (according to the Airport-Manager handling parameters determined by your planning department) and all available staff at one glance.

    At the beginning of a shift the employees will be combined to loading teams or allocated to their actual field of operation. Standard teams can be defined. Re-grouping is also possible of course. Then the teams can be dispatched to tasks simply by drag & drop or by dialog.

    Airport-Manager doesn't replace a dispatcher. But it assists him giving as much  information as possible in a clearly arranged presentation. So he can focus on his core activities instead of looking for information. As a side effect there grows a complete handling documentation which can be useful in case of airline complaints.

  • Resource Requirement / Shift Planning

    Shift planning in Airport-Manager means modelling of staff shifts around the requirement graph. By overlapping of shifts, optimizing of breaks, and optimized usage of part-time staff you can increase the utilization of your resources.

    A real highlight awaits you with our full-automated shift generation. With free definable constraints like starting time slots or shift lengths Airport-Manager is able to generate optimal shift models according to a given time dependent resource demand. Such a shift model is manually adjustable of course and can be exported to an external personnel schedule software.

  • Check‑in and Baggage Service

    In Airport-Manager the name check‑in stands vicarious for all handling processes where passengers are served individually. Beside the check‑in itself this is applicable for passport and customs control. You can plan counters as well as counter staff.

    Additionally as a new feature the baggage planning and dispatching module will help you in forecasting baggage flows in your terminals by evaluating baggage statistics of former periods.

    In addition to the flight data the arrival behaviour of passengers and baggage has to be taken into consideration. A queuing length and queuing time simulation shows the quality of planning.

    Following kinds of check‑in can be handled:

    • Flight check‑in
    • Common check‑in
    • Self check‑in
    • Late-night check‑in both for baggage service and for check-in service.



  • Airport-Manager - We Turn Data Into Information

    This is the starting point for Airport-Manager.

    We exploit the flight schedule as a central source of information for resource requirement, shift planning and to plan and control profits and costs.

    Our customers' goal is to ensure competitive market pricing by efficient and requirement oriented resource planning.

    This means:

    • setting up personnel shift plans,
    • determining requirements for new equipment and for replacements,
    • evaluation of alternative proposals.



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