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WiFi-Streaming Body Worn Camera Solutions for Airports, Police & Security Workers

Edesix - VideoManager-Responsive-BannerEdesix is a leading UK supplier of  Body Worn Camera Solutions for front-line staff.

Our camera range, known as the VideoBadge, has a unique design, making it innocuous for public-facing roles, whilst remaining robust, durable and completely secure.

With our global reach, Edesix has supplied Body Worn Camera Solutions to police forces, prison services, security personnel and parking enforcement officers in the UK, Europe, Middle East, United States and Australia.

Edesix is not simply a Body Cam manufacturer; we pride ourselves on providing our customers with an all-encompassing solution to improve operations, manage footage and share evidential data securely and efficiently. VideoManager is the most advanced web-based footage management tool on the market, providing a suite of functions available to you from any location, with heightened security controls and customizable access permissions.

Our VideoBadges have been proven to reduce aggressive behavior towards those wearing them, capture evident footage of high quality, minimize complaints and false claims against wearers, whilst acting as a key training and assessment tool for others.

Edesix designs, develops and manufactures all its hardware and software entirely in the UK.

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  • Why Use Body Worn Cameras?

    In today’s society, evidence gathering & sharing has become an increasing priority amongst those in public-facing roles. Heightened security, fast response, increased threat and growing public interest in confidentiality and justification of actions, make obtaining relevant, clear and tamper-proof evidence a matter of urgency.

    Body Worn Cameras offer a simple, cost-effective and efficient solution. Whether it’s as a deterrent to aggression, a method for capturing evidential footage during a moment of conflict or ambiguity, or to simply monitor and assess procedure, Body Worn Cameras are becoming a prominent feature on our streets, in our airports, and on our uniforms.

  • VideoBadge Body Worn Camera Solution

    The latest in the Edesix series of VideoBadge’s is the VB-300, specifically designed for security settings such as those found in Airports. As with all Body Worn Cameras in the Edesix range, the VB-300 is a small, robust, lightweight device, based on an ID card holder.

    What makes the VB-300 unique is its Wi-Fi capability. Equip your staff with this efficient, easy to use badge, and at the occurrence of any incident requiring evidential footage, simply activate the camera to obtain audio and HD video recording. Users have the option of streaming the footage live, directly to your security monitoring team, or simply uploading the video securely over your WiFi network, post-event.

    The VB-300 comes in two variants, the VB-320 or VB-340, the latter having additional battery and memory capacity.

    Some of the key features of the VB-300 include:

    • Simple record activation – no fuss, just press and go
    • 6/8 hours of continuous WiFi streaming and recording (VB-320w), 12/14 hours of continuous WiFi streaming and recording (VB-340w)
    • Up to 14 hours of configurable pre-record period available – alleviate any chance of missing an important interaction
    • 150 degree horizontal field of view
    • Compatible with all varieties of uniform via Klick Fast mountings &/or adjustable clips
    • Device is fully sealed with no access to storage media or battery, making it completely tamper-proof and weather-proof
    • All footage is encrypted, ensuring recordings are of evidential quality & are fully secure
  • Body Worn Camera Management System

    Regularly overlooked by most Body Worn Camera buyers is the method by which recorded footage will be uploaded, viewed, managed and shared post-event. What isn’t appreciated is the importance of having a secure & accessible system for managing your suite of badges & providing undisputable footage.

    Edesix has developed the most advanced Body Worn Camera management tool for doing exactly that. VideoManager is web-based for your convenience; upload, edit and share footage from any device in any location using your browser. The system comes with a suite of tools and functionality to enable effective and efficient preparation of footage, as well as configurable administrative management.

    Some of the key features of VideoManager include:

    • Web-based Access – no need for additional plug-ins, downloads or apps, simply log-in with your credentials and go
    • Scalable – capable of managing any sized estate of cameras, from 1 to +1,000
    • Role-based Access Control – process & data-protection obligations can be met through implementing role-based access controls
    • One-Click Redaction – Create evidence-ready footage, whilst protecting the identity of innocent bystanders
    • Secure Video Sharing – share secure VideoManager access links with colleagues and partner organisations, or provide secure, traceable web-links with 3rd party individuals
    • System Agnostic –  Access and manage 3rd party video footage and integrate with most Security & Information Management Systems
    • Secure – generate, export & import encryption keys allowing access only to authorized users. VideoManager also retains a full, searchable audit log, enabling camera-to-courtroom accountability
  • Customer Testimonials

    We understand that proven technology is trusted technology, and that’s why we value the feedback we receive from our users. Below you’ll find some testimonials on the quality and effectiveness of the VideoBadge from many different users and industries:

    “Following the introduction of these cameras, our complaints fell, while satisfaction for our agents rose because they felt more protected and the customer interaction became more pleasant.” – Marston Group

    “Officers view them as an essential part of their patrol equipment.” – Head of Security, West Orchards Shopping Centre

    “If you are serious about security then this equipment is for you.” – Security Manager, Castlepoint Shopping Park

    “VideoBadge backs-up officers’ actions and deters false complaints.” – Local Policing, Cambridge Constabulary

    “Captures supportive evidence and helps manage behaviour.”- West Mids Police


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