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Supplier of multilateration, ADS-B and ATC systems for Air Traffic Management

ERA (a member of OMNIPOL group) is a leading company in multilateration, multistatic surveillance, and reconnaissance technology. Unrivalled experience in passive surveillance sensor development provides ERA with unique know-how to deliver comprehensive solutions for global markets. We develop, manufacture and implement mission-critical systems for civil and military purposes.

ERA made air traffic control history when deploying the first multilateration system and introducing gate-to-gate surveillance. Over the last 3 decades, ERA has reached a number of more than 160 installations, deployed in over 67 countries on 5 continents with 24/7 operations fulfilling demanding customer requirements. More important, however, than the given number of references is the experience we have achieved and lessons learnt during implementation of our solutions. ERA intends to continue introducing new technologies to adapt to tomorrow’s challenges.

Product Portfolio:

MSS-5 – Multilateration Surveillance System

MSS-5 is the 5th generation of the Multilateration Surveillance System (MSS) tailored for Air Traffic Management combining proven multilateration and ADS-B technologies. The system provides accurate real-time localization, tracking and identification of all objects equipped with transponder: at the airport surface, in TMA and en-route. MSS-5 answers the 5 main challenges of Air Traffic Surveillance nowadays: • traffic density • deployability • time synchronization • safety • security

SQUIDVehicle Tracking SystemThe ERA-designed vehicle tracking unit SQUID (squitter beacon SQB) provides airports with a tool to monitor and track all ground vehicles on an airport’s surface. SQUID by ERA continuously broadcasts the exact position of each vehicle by using a vehicle-mounted squitter. SQUID minimizes the risk of collisions between aircraft and service mobiles, especially during low visibility conditions. This easily installed and standard compliant unit using ADS-B squitter based on GNSS technology complements multilateration and ADS-B systems to identify any non-transponder equipped targets.
ERIS-A – Airport ground control system

ERIS-A belongs to a family of advanced airport surveillance data processing and display systems designed for air traffic control and flight planning operations in TMA and airport, and developed in compliance with ICAO, EUROCONTROL and EUROCAE standards. ERIS-A, generating surveillance and aeronautical data, is also designed to support air traffic control within the Remote Tower concept.

ERIS-ATM – Air Traffic Management and Control systemERIS-ATM (ERA Information System – Air Traffic Management) is an information system for radar and procedural air traffic management and control on all types of ATC centres. ERIS-ATM brings all necessary information together on collaborative displays depending on their role as well as standards. Its integrated situational picture is based on modern multi-sensor data fusion and tracker, supplemented by electronic flight strips, monitoring aids, safety nets and other supportive features.
ERIS-DART – Surveillance data analysis and evaluation

ERIS-DART is a validation tool used for data analysis and evaluation of surveillance system performance against conformity of EUROCAE specification. This information system can be used for continuous sensor performance validation, real coverage analysis or single track analysis based on the data archives. It provides an interactive and advanced multi-level surveillance data analysis, i. e. from packets to decoded ASTERIX message inspector, to trajectories. The data are continuously recorded and archived.

ERIS-COMMS – Surveillance data distribution system

ERIS-COMMS is an information system designed for SW data routing and advanced data dissemination to transfer data between surveillance sensors, communication nodes, FIRs within the data communication networks. The data transferred by ERIS-COMMS may be filtered based on parameters or geographic areas, subjected to selective information suppression, converted to another data format, or recorded for later analysis.

LAPDIS – Local Area Picture Display

LAPDIS (Local Area Picture Display) application is designed for the presentation of target data provided by surveillance sensors on a map background. LAPDIS is typically used by the maintenance engineer of the Multilateration Surveillance System for the checking of its performance. Application automatically highlights priority targets based on predefined filters to increase operator´s awareness.

MIPS – Mission Planning System and pre-deployment

MIPS (Mission Planning System) represents a comprehensive performance simulation tool for surveillance. It is used for various types of analyses: line of sight (LOS), true radio line of sight, Over the Horizon (OTH) coverage and accuracy simulations.

IXO – Flight planning and drone management

IXO SYSTEM represents a comprehensive solution for airspace users and providers who are looking for a product, that seamlessly integrates information on manned and unmanned aerial vehicle operations and provides real-time aeronautical information for all airspace users. IXO incorporates modules required for flight planning, airspace conflict calculations, U-Space rules, and principles, manned/unmanned aerial vehicle management, and aeronautical data provision.

3R – Record&Replay&InvestigatoR

Record&Replay&InvestigatoR is an open and modular solution based on common HW and designed for filing, long-term storage and replay of audio, video & data recordings. Technical and Investigation Client (TIC) of 3R serves for analysis, monitoring and controlling of Recorders and Central Storage devices suitable for different users, e.g. ANSP´s Safety Department.

Training and consultancy ERA has gathered complex and specific know-how in the ATM sector over the long period and offers its expertise through the consultation service. Any skill or knowledge needs to be obtained, maintained and from time to time refreshed, therefore ERA provides its customers with tailor-made trainings.
ERA Academy e-learning ERA Academy – Learning Management System by ERA allows for an efficient way of providing training materials and exercises to the partners who have incorporated ERA systems. The e-learning courses are an easy-to-use tool to educate technical personnel from the start or refresh their knowledge.
MasterCare – Programme of assurance services for warranty and after-warranty period MasterCare Programme is a complete portfolio of services and comprehensive range of assurance offerings: repair management, preventive maintenance, spare stock management, tailored training program, on-site inspections, and obsolescence. MasterCare Programme maintains high technical level throughout system life cycle.

Company News

ERA signs contract with DFS to install WAM system for CTR Hamburg in Germany

The vendor ERA has been awarded a contract to install its Wide Area Multilateration (WAM) system in the control zone Hamburg (CTR Hamburg). The contract was signed by ERA and DFS, the German air navigation service …

NOTAM Portal by R-SYS helps LVNL to streamline NOTAM creation

Managing NOTAM requests from various airports and originators can be challenging, often resulting in difficulties tracking proposals and ensuring their accuracy before publication. To address this, R-SYS (ERA´s subsidiary) has developed the NOTAM Portal system, …

First reference to the MSS-5 system by ERA: A network of next-gen ADS-B stations has been installed and tested for DFS in Germany

ERA announced that its team had successfully installed the first round of ground stations of its MSS-5 system as part of the comprehensive project of ADS-B coverage of the German airspace. The customer, Deutsche Flugsicherung …

ERA Signed a Contract to Install the WAM System for TMA Poznan in Poland

ERA company (a member of OMNIPOL group) is honored to inform about a contract award for a project WAM West in Poland. ERA, acting in the consortium with the ATC Branch of the local company GISS, …

ERA completed the first extension of its MLAT system at the Incheon International Airport in Seoul, South Korea

ERA has extended its surface surveillance multilateration system at the Incheon International Airport in Seoul, the capital of the Republic of Korea. The customer and end user, Incheon International Airport Corporation (IIAC), accepted the SAT …

ERA provides the Dublin Airport with yet another MLAT system`s extension, modernization and MasterCare programme

Irish Aviation Authority, the Irish Air Navigation Service Provider, has placed its trust in the ERA surveillance and monitoring systems again. ERA has signed the contract to provide the third extension of its surface guidance …

ERA is releasing the E-learning platform for the users of its systems. The first presentation is planned at the exhibition Airspace World 2023

ERA company (a member of OMNIPOL group) takes another step into the digital era of the 21st century with a brand new learning management system in an interactive form called ERA Academy. The system will …

ERA will install a Wide Area ADS-B system covering the airspace of Oman

ERA announced that it had been chosen to deliver an ADS-B system covering the entire airspace of the Sultanate of Oman. ERA will supply a system consisting of several ADS-B stations as well as ADS-B …

The Association of Old Crows has established a Bohemian Chapter. The first event took place as part of the celebration of Veteran’s Day

ERA Company is proud to announce that the Bohemian chapter of the Association of Old Crows (AOC), which was recently established in the Czech Republic, held its first meeting as part of the Veteran’s Day …


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