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ERA Company

Supplier of MLAT and ADS-B Surveillance Systems for ATM

ERA (a member of OMNIPOL group) is a leading company in multilateration, multistatic surveillance, and reconnaissance technology. Unrivalled experience in passive surveillance sensor development provides ERA with unique know-how to deliver comprehensive solutions for global markets. We develop, manufacture and implement mission-critical systems for military and civil purposes.

Over last 2 decades, ERA has reached number of more than 100 installations, deployed in over 62 countries on 5 continents with 24/7 operations fulfilling demanding customer requirements. Nevertheless, more important than given number of references is the experience we have achieved and lessons learnt during implementation of our solutions for air traffic control and management.

ERA has developed unique passive surveillance system VERA-NG that defines new sensor category DPET (Deployable Passive ESM Tracker) tailored for air, maritime and land target surveillance and reconnaissance for defence and electronic warfare purposes.

In parallel, ERA made air traffic control history when deploying the first multilateration system and introducing gate-to-gate surveillance. We intend to continue introducing new technologies to adapt to today´s and tomorrow´s challenges.

Company Profile

  • Passive Surveillance Systems

    ERA’s unrivalled technological history dates back to 1963, when the forerunners began developing passive surveillance systems in former Czechoslovakia.

    The world’s first surveillance system on multilateration principle has been used by the Czech Armed Forces.

  • Multilateration

    ERA created the world of multilateration – was first one in the market. Proven defence surveillance solution started being used for civil applications in 1995.

    ERA made ATM history by deploying the world’s first surface and wide area multilateration applications.

  • Surface Multilateration (MLAT)

    ERA’s systems are installed around the globe ensuring safety and efficiency at 20 out of 50 of the largest and busiest airports.

  • Wide Area Multilateration (WAM)

    The world’s first complete country Wide Area Multilateration coverage – the Czech Republic.

    The world’s largest WAM nationwide coverage – Namibia.

  • Vehicle Tracking Unit SQUID

    The world’s most widely used vehicle tracking unit is its transmitter beacon SQUID (more than 6500 pcs in 30 countries).

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