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ESE World is Europe‘s leading manufacturer of temporary storage solutions for waste and recycling materials, supporting its customers in optimising waste management and in achieving their recycling and sustainability targets, ESE is committed to providing innovative and sustainable products along with excellent customer service.

ESE brings decades of experience and up to date know-how in product development having operated for over 80 years throughout Europe and in the UK in particular for over 25 years. With offices throughout Europe and a specialised worldwide export network ESE will find a solution for every requirement you may have.

ESE has an extensive portfolio of products of relevance to the airport sector. In particular fill level monitoring systems and solar powered compacting litter bins which harness IoT technologies and allow airport operators to make huge savings in waste and recycling collection costs.

ESE also has a large range of public furnishings products including litter bins, with or without ashtrays, in plastic or steel, free standing or post mounted. We even have a range of office and airport bins. We can offer custom designs and finishes or corporate branding to suit the customer’s precise requirements.

Our range of wheeled bins cover all sizes from 40L to 1100L and are manufactured with minimum 80% recycled material as certified by RAL “Blue Angel” making them the most environmentally friendly bins in the industry.

We offer a bespoke customised container service at all of our sites including Coalville, Leicestershire and Nuenen, Netherlands and can also offer advice on container refurbishment and asset management. ESE also has strong local brands in Scandinavia, Germany, France and Italy.

ESE’s products meet all international quality standards such as EN840, RAL and EN-ISO 14001:200.

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Company Profile

  • Fill Level Monitoring – Clean CAP

    Clean CAP is a smart, wireless, ultrasonic sensor that measures fill-level information in real-time. It works in close conjunction with Clean City Networks (CCN) monitoring and data-analytics platform, which provides bin fill-level information in real-time basis via 2G/3G, telecommunication networks (and soon, LoRa technology). They can be attached to any existing containers including litter bins, liquid tanks, silos, underground bins, etc. By employing Clean CAP and CCN, users can significantly reduce associated costs (labour, time and fuel) related to waste collection operations by up to 50%. To find out more about our fill level monitoring sensor, visit

    Basic specifications

    Clean CAP Plus: Power: 3.6V high performance lithium battery; size: 95mm x 96mm; net weight: 470g; Battery life Up to 10 years

    Clean CAP Flex: Power: 3.6V high performance lithium battery; size: 80mm x 85mm x 52mm; net weight 300g; Battery life Up to 5 years (replaceable)

    What our customers say:

    “After deploying the solution, we have been able to go from collecting 840 containers 4 times a day to collecting just 80 containers a day. This has increased our operational efficiency upwards of 90% and resulted in significant cost savings. The solution has also provided us with data which has allowed us to recognise peak times in areas and from that adjust the allocation of staffing in those areas as well as increase waste container capacity where needed.”

    — Facility Manager, Dublin Airport

    “Before, we didn’t know when the waste bins in Bukchon became full. Now, we know in real-time the fill-level of each bin thanks to the Clean CAP solution. Since we’re able to quickly take action before any problem occurs, there are no longer any issues with rubbish overflow.”

    — Welfare & Environmental Bureau, Seoul Metropolitan Government

  • Solar Powered Compacting Litter Bin – Clean CUBE

    Compact your waste with solar energy and save up to 80% with Clean CUBE!

    Instead of dealing with multiple waste bins, with our solar powered compacting litter bins you could simply compact the waste so that it can hold up to 8 times that of standard litter bins. You can monitor real-time bin fill-level, bin status, and use the built-in analytics to optimise collection schedules and routes, only emptying bins that require emptying, saving time and fuel.

    Product features

    Features a built-in, patented solar-powered compactor which triggers automatically based on the bin’s fill-level. It’s compatible with standard 120L & 240L wheelie bins for easy and safe rubbish removal. There is even a 100L version.

    Communicates in real-time to a smart waste management platform, CCN. 2G and 3G telecommunication modules are available through GSM network.

    Real-time data and analysis

    The compaction and fill-level information are sent to CCN, which not only helps the operation managers to understand the location and times of waste collections, but also improves the way they collect the rubbish by recommending the optimal collection routes based on real-time data and predictive analytics.

    Customisable design and advertisements

    The entire solar waste bin can be wrapped and printed for marketing purposes. What’s more, Clean CUBE solar-powered litter bins can have advertising panels, with or without LED backlights, to generate additional revenue. With LCD video screens you have the possibility of moving images for dynamic advertising. For indoor use we offer a hybrid AC/Solar version.

    Safety features

    • CE mark – Clean CUBE solar waste bin complies with all relevant EU safety regulations.
    • Safety sensor – built-in safety sensor detects motion and stops waste compaction when it detects an obstruction.
    • Fire detection – bin’s temperature sensor triggers an automatic compacting response to extinguish fire.
    • Locking mechanism – All exterior access points are fitted with anti-tamper screws.
  • Airport Bins – Campus Range, Public Furnishings, Litter Bins

    100% SUSTAINABLE Litter Bins and Public Furnishings

    The CAMPUS GOOOL is the most sustainable solution for indoor pre-sorting of waste. The bin is completely recyclable, and it can be manufactured from up to 100% recycled material. Its high quality guarantees a long product life. This container makes the collection of various fractions more ergonomic and economic and improved separation of recyclable materials results in a higher recycling ratio.


    The classy design of the new CAMPUS GOOOL easily adapts to a stylish office environment, a modern airport lounge or passenger waiting room. A choice of material effects and special colours allows an individual look which can adapt to the surrounding interior design. Markings and labels on the cover and sides can also be adapted to the corresponding corporate branding.


    With 3 removable 45L inner containers, easy to clean surfaces, hinged lockable covers and a watertight container the CAMPUS GOOOL offers an easily operable and hygienic solution which is ready to use straight from the box

  • Wheeled Bins

    We have a comprehensive range of sizes with plastic wheeled bins from 40L up to 1100L mounted on 2, 4 or even 3 wheels. The 1100L comes in either flat lid, roll top or split lid.


    ESE has BEEN awarded the internationally acknowledged ecolabel, “The Blue Angel”. The environmental standards mark is the only independent label – worldwide – used to measure the eco-friendliness of plastic bins for waste and recyclables. Intended for the protection of people and the environment, it sets very exacting standards and has proven itself, over more than 35 years, as a guide for selecting environmentally-friendly products.

    The bar for the award of The Blue Angel is set very high. The container has to be made from at least 80% Recycled Plastics and the material has to be certified according to EuCertPlast criteria – this means the origin of the material and the whole supply chain need to be traceable. Furthermore, the production site and processes have to be certified by an independent accredited institution.


    Our containers fulfil all current European and national standards and they are certified in accordance with the highest quality standard worldwide, the RAL‑GZ951/1.


    If you don’t want plastic bins and prefer steel we have a range of galvanised steel bins available in 660L and 1100L sizes which can be painted to your requirements


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